VoIP is all the rage, but what exactly are the advantages for today’s businesses of opting for VoIP solutions?

Cost savings

Businesses switching to a VoIP system from a traditional PSTN system can expect to make savings of between 30% to 75%. These cost savings come from the following three areas:

1. Equipment – making calls over the Internet via a service provider eliminates the need for in-house equipment such as servers. Everything is handled off-site so the expense of purchasing and maintaining servers etc. is picked up by the service provider.

2. Flexibility – making changes is free and simple. Adding features, new lines, users, and other extras can simply be managed via a web browser without the need to pay for an on-site technician each time.

3. No long-distance charges – VoIP services mean that you can make international calls at local rates (or sometimes even for free).

Easy installation, configuration, and maintenance

IP Phones are easy to install, even for those with limited technical knowledge. Instead of having to pay for technicians to come in and run the phone wiring through your offices/premises, you can set up IP Phones yourself and be ready to go in a matter of minutes. Using hosted software makes it simple to add new users. Many providers have a bespoke web portal that can be used to move, add, or change the system configuration to suit. There’s no hardware or software that needs installing – you only need IP phones.

Extra features

In addition to all of the traditional features you expect with a phone system, VoIP comes with call hold, caller ID, call transfer, conference calling, and auto-attendant phone menus. Another feature of VoIP phone systems is virtual faxing (aka IP faxing). Even today, there are some occasions when faxes are necessary. VoIP enables you to send and receive faxes but without the need for paper or toner.


It’s not easy to know how many phone-lines you’ll need going forward. Hosted VoIP systems make it simple add new lines for new employees and when someone leaves it is easy to reassign or remove their line.

Simple integration with existing systems

Because they are internet-based, VoIP systems can be more easily integrated with existing business applications. For example, you can make outbound calls through Outlook and access voicemail through emails. Some systems also provide voicemail transcription that converts voicemail messages into text and sends them as emails.

Wholesale VoIP termination

Wholesale VoIP providers such as IDT deal with the transaction of bulk routes, giving users access to unlimited communication via the Internet. VoIP services are usually provided by wholesale carriers to businesses and call centres that regularly make international calls.

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