Bring Your Own Carrier to UCaaS & CCaaS

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Enabling you to lower costs, increase control of your call traffic, expand global coverage, and ensure uninterrupted VoIP quality



Leverage IDT’s big telco buying prowess to save as much as 50% on voice calls and transform the way you connect with your customers while remaining on your beloved cloud communication platform.




Gain access to 1000+ Direct Routes with enterprise-grade superior voice quality over AWS-based cloud network and confidently terminate your calls in over 100+ countries.




Bringing IDT as your preferred carrier to your UCaaS / CCaaS / CPaaS unlocks the benefits of regaining control over your telephony and allows you to better manage call routing, its rates, market coverage, phone numbers, and local compliance.

Transform the way you connect with your customers

IDT is one of the world's largest telecom carriers and is trusted by the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Orange, Vodafone, and a 1000 others.


Twilio’s BYOC Trunking for voice allows you to use your preferred PSTN Voice Carrier partner(s) and that is where IDT gets you the access to best rates for carrying calls across the globe along with superior voice quality and support.


Bring IDT BYOC directly to your Plivo console and relish a host of benefits, including cheaper global coverage, greater flexibility, and better overall efficiency, concierge service & support.

Microsoft Teams

If you use MS Teams to power customer communications, then IDT BYOC is vital to your business’s success. By plugging in your own carrier to your MS Teams platform you can bring Tier-1 voice quality to your calls and enhance customer experience.

Keep Your Business Communications Smooth with BYOC - Bring Your Own Carrier

For future-proofing, IDT BYOC adds the elements of superior voice quality, scalability, carrier reliability, redundancy for business continuity, coverage, and control to an organization’s overall telephony.


Why Bring Your Own Carrier to UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS?

  • Flexible and easy transition to the cloud.
  • Option to scale — up or down, as needed.
  • Less service interruptions that may be compliance-related.
  • Getting control over call routing and forwarding.
  • Reducing communication-related costs with low SIP trunking price.
  • Keeping existing phone numbers through number porting.
  • Increased global coverage.

Get Started in Minutes!

Integrating with IDT’s Bring your own carrier (BYOC) service is quite simple. In just 5 minutes, you can start testing IDT via any communication platform.

Plug IDT into your communications platform in just 4 simple steps and start getting better voice quality at affordable rates. It’s easier than making your morning coffee!


What does Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) mean? + -

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) is the process of bringing or choosing a carrier to plug into an existing phone system. It is a possibility for companies to choose what carrier to add to their existing UCaaS or CCaaS.

What are the benefits of BYOC? + -

BYOC allows the companies to choose the desired carrier in their UCaaS, CPaaS, and SaaS environments. This implies that UCaaS providers like Microsoft Teams, will no longer define which carriers their clients use to enable dialing within their cloud platforms.

Also, BYOC enables:
  • Single cloud-based solution for all modes (UCaaS, CPaaS, C.C.) without own equipment. That will simplify the admin tasks, and ease the management of user accounts.
  • Making local and global phone calls via partner carriers, enabling you to completely replace PSTN, with affordable pricing schemes.
  • Smooth integration with other platforms such as MS Teams, so your contact center will reduce its costs and can operate in multi-vendor environment.
  • Single cloud-based solution for all modes (UCaaS, CPaaS, C.C.) without own equipment. That will simplify the admin tasks, and ease the management of user accounts.
How do I integrate IDT SIP trunking into my communications application? + -

Integrating IDT with your UCaaS, CCaas, or CPaaS platform is simple and easy. Here is the link to our easy to follow resource guide - Integrate BYOC