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Are your DIDs being flagged as spam? 
Check with our quick spam detector tool! Maintain your brand reputation & trust when you call your customers.

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How does being flagged as spam hurt your business?

The war against spam calling has never been fiercer! Federal & state agencies, telecom companies & private public consortiums globally are imposing new restrictions to curb the menace of spam calling & robocalls.
In this effort, regular businesses are flagged as spammers, and their ROI is badly affected as well as their branding.
Numbers Marked As Spam

Numbers Marked As Spam

Drop in Call Answer Rates

Drop in Call Answer Rates

Tarnished Brand Reputation

Tarnished Brand Reputation

Loss of Customer Trust

Loss of Customer Trust

How does IDT’s SPAM detector tool work?

BYOC SPAM Detector Tool, allows you to quickly check if your USA phone numbers are marked as spam in one biggest databases in the USA.

To check if your DIDs:

The report can combine the Spam DIDs Detector result with the Stir/Shaken attestation result to your numbers, covering all aspects in one report! Thereby reducing the chances your calls are seen as robocalls by your users.

The SPAM DID Detector tool is very versatile; it can be used by end- enterprises/companies and UCaaS/CPaaS/CCaaS providers alike! 

Number marked as spam? What next?

You can contact each of the mobile network operators to get your numbers unmarked as spam. Or you can let us help you get your numbers scrubbed!

IDT helps thousands of businesses each year get their numbers cleaned up resulting in an immediate boost in successful calls.

Who flags numbers as spam


Federal government

In the US, FCC collects spam lists, maintains do-not-call registry and in 2021 implemented Stir/Shaken regulation & Robocall Mitigation Database aimed at curbing spam calls.


Network Operators

Archaic analytics based spam detection algorithms being deployed by network operators are quick to erroneously flag calls as spam.



With the numerous call blocking and identification apps, consumers with a single swipe can mark any call as spam.

~2.8 million fraud reports in the U.S. annually

Find out if your number is on this list by checking what level of STIR/SHAKEN attestation it has

Check number for STIR/SHAKEN