VOIP Quality
Voice over Internet Protocol technology has been used for voice communications for about a decade. Until fairly recently, reliability and quality issues had a negative effect on the reputation of these systems, particularly as users compared the service to the impeccable clarity they were accustomed to on their landline phones.
5g & the future of voip
The evolution of the smartphone and other mobile devices has taken place far more rapidly than for many other technologies, and changes continue apace as we move into 2018. The days of using painfully slow and limited 3G data connections while we impatiently wait for the 4G upgrade to come
benefits of voip
All businesses, regardless of sector, size, or focus rely heavily on communication to connect with clients and partners, make sales and ultimately grow. In spite of the rapid growth of social media and other digital communication channels, telephony continues to be the mainstay of customer communications for most businesses. After
international voip
In the Western world, we tend to take communication for granted. Individuals and businesses benefit from low call charges, nearly 100% mobile coverage and telephone access so common that it can be regarded as guaranteed. These communication channels give businesses in the developed world significant advantages, being able to communicate
Despite the increase in communication channels used by businesses across all sectors, the majority of communication with partners and clients is still by telephone. With this in mind, call quality is extremely important – not only does a line with high amounts of noise make communication difficult, but it makes
voip providers
When you are shopping around for most services, you know which features you are looking for. With enterprise internet service, you want a good Service Level Agreement and high bandwidth. With a security service, you want active monitoring and rapid response. What do you look for, though, when shopping for
While the avenues of communication available to businesses have greatly expanded over the past two decades, the majority of important communication still takes place over the phone. While mobile devices have revolutionised the way people communicate, business telephony has been largely stagnant for years. With global internet infrastructure rapidly improving