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voip communications
You may have noticed that, on occasions, VoIP communications experiences some strange phenomena. Words get jumbled or sometimes part of a sentence will go completely AWOL. What you’ve experienced there is ‘jitter’ and it’s down to the fact that VoIP uses an internet connection rather than the PSTN system. Jitter
Jingle is a standard framework used for peer-to-peer communications. It allows multimedia communication to be established between two Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) devices. Negotiation between the two is carried out over an XMPP channel, while the actual media uses a separate, dedicated data channel which employs Real-time Transport
voip in rural areas
Many of the major telecom providers in the UK have already announced plans to end the use of PSTN and replace it with All-IP services. Indeed, some have already started phasing out support for PSTN. BT intends to have switched all users to IP by 2025. Orange has set a
What if there was a technology that allowed you to have a PBX without vendor lock-in? What if that technology could use the fastest and cheapest CPUs? What if it was open source, flexible enough to let your developers extend the system, with the backing of a community? Well there
voip speed
Today’s VoIP technology usually delivers good quality audio, but there can be occasions when you want to check some aspects of its performance. The efficiency of VoIP can be affected by issues with your router, the behaviour of your ISP, network traffic or by codec conflicts. However, there are some
new voip provider
One of the major advantages of VoIP is its flexibility. It’s easy to scale up your service as and when you need to, and it’s easy to relocate your business to a different site. It’s also simple to switch your phone number from your old PSTN service so that there’s
voip codec
Codecs are the lynchpin of digital media. A codec encodes sound or video into a digital stream that can be sent across the Net, and a compatible codec turns it back into sound or video at the recipient’s end. The name is derived simply from “coder-decoder”. Data streams often need
voip trends
More than half of UK businesses have swapped to VoIP telephones, but the revolution is only just beginning. Even companies that have adopted VoIP have barely begun to exploit its potential. Here are a few developments burgeoning as we write. The growth of UCaaS VoIP is part of a technology
voip signalling
In the complex and competitive world of telecommunications, it’s not surprising that there is no all-embracing standard for signalling. In fact, there are two main standards: H.323 and SIP. They grew out of different roots and from different functional needs. While both standards have their champions, the reality is that
voip calls
With modern technology accompanies current VoIP systems, recording calls is easier than ever. There are many good reasons for recording calls, such as for staff training, but there is an ethical dimension to consider. Your customers and staff are entitled to a certain level of privacy when it comes to

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