What Are DID's
Direct Inward Dialling (DID) often also referred to as Direct Dial In (DDI) is a feature offered on both in-house PABX and cloud-based telephone systems. It allows incoming calls to be routed directly to an extension without having to go via an operator. This provides convenience for callers and simplifies
Wholesale Voice Termination
With a booming VoIP industry and voice termination services being increasingly in demand, the UK overseeing body, Ofcom, plays an ever important role in its regulation. With individuals and businesses putting their money and trust in providers to ensure quality and reliability in communications, here’s a look at how it’s
International VOIP Wholesale
It is widely believed that VoIP will play a pivotal role in the future of telecommunications. Every month, VoIP’s position in the market becomes stronger, with deeper penetration into all kinds of businesses, driven by its flexibility and low prices. As the technology becomes ever more mainstream, smart carriers are
Voip Wholesale Provider
The internet, by its very nature, is open to the whole world, allowing data and ideas to be freely exchanged anywhere. It’s easy to assume, therefore, that when using VoIP your phone calls are free to roam anywhere around the net too. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Because, when
International VOIP Wholesale Providers
International VoIP Wholesale providers offer white routes, termination/origination services, and network management to carriers and providers (at competitive rates). They also offer support to VoIP resellers such as wireless networks, call back services, calling card companies, and call shops. International VoIP wholesale provider – services Wholesale VoIP providers typically offer
International Voip
If your business needs to make calls to other countries, you’ve almost certainly considered the attractions of using a VoIP telephone service. International VoIP can offer you lower calling costs to most parts of the world and call quality equal to that of a PSTN service. As a business, however,
Wholesale Voice Termination
Voice termination services allow the routing of calls through multiple networks to their destination. As the voice sector has grown, this has come to encompass not just PSTN calls, but also calls which originate online. While wholesale carriers tend to offer the entirety of their network for use, some other
Wholesale Voice Termination
Internet-based telephone services are inexorably transforming the telecommunications industry. It’s easy to see why VoIP is popular as it offers a number of advantages for businesses. Chief among these are lower costs, particularly for businesses that need to make international calls on a regular basis. There are other benefits too,
International Voip
International VoIP Wholesale services have become an important part of the international communications sector, offering improved quality, reduced costs and the opportunity for smaller operators to gain competitive advantage. Resellers can link up with a service provider and sell-on their services, including voice, ISP and data, using their own corporate
Voice Termination Rates
In 2011, the rules governing mobile termination rates in the UK expired. These are the rates that different telecoms providers charge one another for routing calls through their systems. Regulator Ofcom ( had already conducted an extensive review into various ways in which the system could be reformed, including some
Wholesale Call Termination
While the price benefits and flexibility of VoIP systems in business are extensive, voice termination can involve PSTN or mobile networks in different countries which can affect call quality and costs. Voice, or call termination, can be packaged and sold as an entity in its own right. A carrier can
There is no doubt that VoIP is growing in popularity. Many have hailed it as the future of telecoms and all kinds of businesses are discovering that VoIP not only delivers cheaper connections, but that it opens up global communications in a way that can revolutionise the reach of a