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Despite its meteoric growth in popularity over the past few years, VoIP has actually been around for quite a while. Indeed, it is arguably the 20th anniversary of VoIP technologies going mainstream. VoIP continues to grow in popularity, as traditional telephony systems are discontinued or no longer supported by the
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One of the many attractions of using a VoIP solution is the substantial cost reductions it can deliver on communications, particularly for businesses. Commercial enterprises can benefit from significant savings in the costs of telephony, particularly if the business is trading internationally. There are many other perks that come with
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In considering switching your business from traditional PSTN telephone systems to VoIP-based technology, you won’t go very far before you encounter SIP trunking. But what exactly is it and what does it do? In simple terms what SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking does is to connect your premises to the
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As reported recently [1], Trevor Pye, a 68-year-old man, was called by BT. Apparently, his internet had been compromised and they needed to access his computer. Soon afterwards, £15,000 was stolen from his personal bank account. A scam? Yes of course. Interested? Not really. Now, what if it was your
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Hackers, or those who endeavour to breach data networks that belong to others, are often smart people. For any data network, security is an issue. No system should be left unprotected and unscrupulous people will always exist who want to take advantage of an unprotected system. In general terms, VoIP
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Whether you are already using VoIP or are contemplating switching to a new VoIP provider, it is important to acknowledge that whilst there are numerous benefits of adopting this technology, there are some issues/disadvantages that you may not be aware of. VoIP providers will rarely mention these – understandably focusing
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The uptake of VoIP by businesses large and small has been happening at a staggering rate, so compelling are its advantages. Facilities that were previously only available to large corporations are now available to almost anyone, together with a lot of features nobody had even thought of a few years
SIP Trunking Deployments
VoIP providers strive to insulate clients from problems with their new service, however, SIP trunking deployments are still prone to a number of difficulties. According to a 2018 report from SIP School, there has been little recent progress. 80% of enterprises adopting SIP trunking still experience some issues. Although we
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Video conferencing has been a key enabler for the growth in remote working. From a solitary work-at-homer to an enterprise with teams across the world, VC enables real face-to-face communication. But does it bring a new risk to the business? We take VC facilities for granted, striving for better audio,
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With businesses especially reaping financial and technical rewards from VoIP technology, carriers are increasingly in demand. Here’s a quick look at their role in the VoIP world. The requirements of VoIP While there are home users, the predominant market is among businesses. To utilise VoIP, a few basics are needed
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If you have spent any time looking at telecoms options in the recent past, then you will almost certainly have come across the concept of SIP trunking. What SIP trunking does is to replace the old ISDN line you used to need to connect your PABX to the telephone network.
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If your business was the victim of telecoms fraud, would you know? How would you know? How quickly? We read every week about Denial of Service attacks and the theft of personal data, but internet telephony attacks seem somehow less newsworthy. Do they also happen? Well, according to the Communications