It’s not enough to get new customers, IDT Express helps you keep them.

New customers? As a local exchange carrier, you absolutely need them to grow. For your business to thrive, you also need to keep them. That means your product must maintain the quality and cost they signed on for. To stay focused on the growth, you need a partner that can control costs and ensure reliability. IDT Express is just the right partner.

IDT has been a leader in the voice industry for over 20 years. We’ve given Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) the ability to provide domestic and international voice termination, local and International DIDs, and Toll-Free numbers around the world. It’s allowed them to continue bringing in new customers, while maintaining the level of service that keeps their existing base happy.

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At IDT Express, we have been empowering our customers voice since 2010.
Here’s how we can help you thrive:

  • Market leading rates – IDT leverages its big telco buying power to get you the best rate

  • Prepaid & postpaid billing options

  • Flexible routing options and multiple quality levels

  • 1000+ CLI certified routes

  • 550+ directs across the globe

  • Wide DID coverage – see our international DID Coverage List for details

  • Quality centric – powered by IDT, one of the largest wholesale voice carriers

  • Global 24 / 7 support

  • POPs in UK, HK, and US

  • Portal – full self-service portal that allows for technical reporting, anti-hacking controls, and more!

  • Now building APIs and Automation tools for DIDs (contact our sales team for more information)

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