BYOC for Plivo

BYOC for Plivo

Perfect Voice partner for your Plivo Communications

Enhance CX

Plivo integrated with IDT’s Voice carrier gives you high-grade connections and scalability, allowing you to provide an excellent customer experience every time. Customers demand frictionless experiences as the baseline and IDT’s network minimizes the occurrence of quality issues to deliver a superior CX.  

Regain Control

Increase control of your Plivo call traffic (both inbound and outbound) over connectivity, call routing, calling plans, E911 services, and numbers. 

Stay Consistent

Avoid managing multiple carriers across markets as BYOC with its global footprints simplifies the handling of rates, technical agreements and local compliances.

Save As Much As 50% on Voice Costs

By leveraging IDT’s big telco buying prowess, you gain access to unmatched global calling rates compared to Plivo’s pricing. You can save as much as 50% on your Plivo Voice bill by plugging IDT into the Plivo platform while continuing to use it for all the other features that you like.

Expand Reach

Bring affordable global communications to your Plivo platform with IDT’s widespread network coverage and gain instant access to 100+ markets globally.​

Boost Agility

Build highly customized communications solutions on Plivo, uniquely tailored to your business needs segmented by location, volume, department and technical requirements.​


Benefits of Direct Routing on Plivo with IDT



With our cloud-based infrastructure, we carry 20+ billion minutes annually, via 550+ direct connects and 1000+ CLI-certified routes.


Call Quality

High-quality communications on carrier-grade international network with a resilient private IP backbone 



30+ Years in operation, Listed on NYSE. Trusted by all Major Telcos like Verizon, AT&T, & T-Mobile.


Carrier Consistency

Consolidate your calls into a single contract with a single bill, technical agreement, and compliance across markets



Get premium white-glove concierge support 24/7 at no additional cost.



Globe wide DID coverage. We give you access to our extensive footprint of local, toll-free & mobile numbers, all at competitive rates.


Number type used

Local Outbound

Improve call routing & lower costs on the Plivo programmable voice APIs you use today to make local calls in the USA & Canada from Plivo.

Plivo Pricing

Upwards of


To make calls from Plivo using IDT

As low as


Integrate with Plivo in Minutes!


Create Plivo Application

Create a Plivo application that points to your HTTP endpoint that will host your XML application


Create an XML Application

On Plivo console, create an XML application that forwards calls to IDT and adds a Token header


SIP Invite

Plivo will send a SIP INVITE message to IDT to establish the call


Copy BYOC Trunk SID

IDT accepts the SIP INVITE and will place/redirect the call to the PSTN number placed in the SIP URI


Voila! You are Done

Congratulations! You successfully configured Plivo BYOC with IDT and started saving.

Talk with our Plivo Voice Expert

Transform the way you connect with your customers

IDT is one of the world's largest telecom carriers and is trusted by the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Orange, Vodafone, and a 1000 others.

Microsoft teams

If you use MS Teams to power customer communications, then IDT BYOC is vital to your business’s success. By plugging in your own carrier to your MS Teams platform you can bring Tier-1 voice quality to your calls and enhance customer experience.


Twilio’s BYOC Trunking for voice allows you to use your preferred PSTN Voice Carrier partner(s) and that is where IDT gets you the access to best rates for carrying calls across the globe along with superior voice quality and support.