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Voice Termination is becoming an ever more important element of product development. That doesn’t mean it’s becoming any easier to build. IDT Express can help technology companies, like yours, add voice to your product, without building backend infrastructure. Backed by our reliable, robust global network of direct interconnects – we have the depth and knowledge in Voice Termination routes to provide best in class voice and DID service. You can find out more about the power of the IDT Network here.

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At IDT Express, we have been empowering our customers voice since 2010.
Here’s how we can help you thrive:

  • Quality focused service – powered by IDT, one of the largest carriers in the world

  • Scalable capacity – unlimited channels and high Calls Per Second (CPS) limits

  • Efficient audio compression to support multiple codecs

  • Wide DID coverage – see our international DID price list for details

  • Fast turnup – accounts can be turned up in minutes

  • Market leading rates – to help you remain profitable when selling fixed subscription-based plans

  • No commitments and no hidden charges

  • Global 24 / 7 support

  • POPs in UK, HK, and US

  • Portal – full self-service portal that allows for technical, reporting, anti-hacking controls, and more!

  • Consultative sales process – account managers to work with you and find an ideal solution that matches your Voice and DID needs

  • Now building APIs and Automation tools for DIDs (contact our sales team for more information)

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