Decrease termination cost… and carriers.

Want to grow your Calling Card / Pinless retail business? It takes a lot more than just showing up. To make your business work, you need to provide competitive rates and voice quality your customers expect. Plus, you must handle billing, operations, marketing account management, and all other aspects of your calling card business. Our experts are proficient because, in these areas, IDT has been in the prepaid calling industry since 1997.

We operate flagship products, like Boss Revolution, that continue to dominate the US market year after year. We also are buying, creating, maintaining & enhancing our voice & DID infrastructure for our own consumption. Through IDT Express, you can leverage the same robust network for your Pinless / Calling Card business. Let us be your access point to a global network, advanced infrastructure, and tools needed to run your business. IDT Express is the perfect partner to help you succeed.

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At IDT Express, we have been empowering our customers voice since 2010.
Here’s how we can help you thrive:

  • Market leading rates – IDT leverages its big telco buying power to get you the best rate possible

  • Quality & routing choices – all you need to meet customer expectations and control rates

  • Scalable capacity – unlimited channels and high calls per second (CPS) limits

  • Wide international DIDs coverage – for pinless service or access numbers

  • No hassle number portability

  • Portal – full self-service portal that allows for technical reporting, anti-hacking controls, and more!

  • Global 24 / 7 support

  • POPs in UK, HK, and US

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