Companies globally, across all industries & sectors, have transformed their businesses by adopting DID (Virtual Phone Numbers) numbers. Transition from physical phone numbers to programmable DIDs has enabled these services to enable local presence, expand market reach, scale up capacity & bring down operating costs over the years.  

Here are a few ways how businesses are using IDT Express’ global Virtual Numbers.

  1. Call Centers  The entire offshoring industry has been founded on the backs of DID numbers & VoIP Termination. Our outsourcing industry and call center customers in LATAM and APAC all consume large quantities of DIDs.  We help save these customers millions on personnel cost and offer a seamless local presence.

Outbound/inbound marketing, customer service, virtual assistance, back office support, online tutoring are just a few of the many other uses of IDT Express’ DIDs.

They all rely on our scalable capacity & high quality voice termination for running their day to day business.

2. Pinless Operators – In today’s challenging market, Pinless Operators are forced to find ways to keep reducing their costs. In today’s challenging market, they are reviewing every aspect of their business operation from voice termination, SG&A to network and infrastructure. COVID-19 has served another blow to an industry already in decline. Every cent of reduction in cost contributes to the bottom line. 

At IDT Express such pinless operators are finding DIDs and Voice termination at aggressively low  prices. Along with stellar account management & support, IDT Express has been the provider of choice for dozens of operators across the globe.

3. CLECsLocal Exchange Carriers (CLECs) need the ability to provide domestic and international voice termination, local and International DIDs, and Toll-Free numbers from around the world to their residential & commercial customers. Retail customers may use DID numbers to call their families overseas. On the other hand Enterprise customers may use Virtual Numbers (DIDs) to establish local presence across regions. In both cases CLECs rely on a partner like IDT Express to source the global numbers for them.

4. UCaaS & CPaaS Real-time ordering & provisioning of virtual numbers is a must have for any vendor serious about servicing the UCaaS & CPaaS space. This client base requires a reliable, robust global network of direct interconnects along with a wide DID footprint with the highest QoS levels. 

UCaaS & CPaaS is a new age industry segment, a telco-tech hybrid offering & consuming voice, DIDs & messaging services in an API driven autonomous way. 

5. Cloud PBX & Sip Trunking Providers – This segment of the telecom industry is transcending legacy phone numbers to programmable DID numbers. And is enabling small and large businesses to maintain global presence of international DIDs in over 70+ countries.

 These providers are assured of fully transparent pricing, multiple quality levels and full A-Z global network at IDT Express

6. OTT Applications – Chat applications, second phone line applications, efax providers are allowing their users to buy additional phone numbers for myriad uses. These OTT apps are benefiting from the advent of DID numbers allowing them to offer quality international phone service without the resources of a massive phone company.

7. MVNOs – Mobile Virtual Network Operators are gaining popularity  around the world and taking international minutes away from cellular operators.  In this market it’s more important than ever to provide stellar voice quality and reliable service. You can’t own a global Voice Termination network, but you can work with an established, reliable partner who does — IDT Express.

8. Prison Calling Services are helping inmates and their families stay connected more than ever. It helps them get the maximum talk time versus prison calling cards for a fraction of the cost. The families of inmates are buying virtual numbers from the same area code as the prison, ensuring their inmate can make a local call for free.

IDT Express is striving to widen the footprint domestically & internationally to get the most number of area codes and allow families to maintain local presence. 

9. SaaS Companies – Debt collection software providers, call center software providers, CRM companies, and callback software companies. All are offering DID numbers to their subscribers, helping to enhance conversion rates & expanding their reach. 

10. Aviation & Maritime Industry are using DID numbers with customized codec settings PCMU/G711 to ensure highest quality voice for the corporate jet clients and the sailors aboard maritime vessels. The reliability & stability of such communications infrastructure is even more crucial during these testing COVID-19 times. IDT Express continues upgrading the network to keep up with the growing demands. 

If you would like to explore how your business can leverage DID numbers, Wholesale Voice Termination, or A2P SMS please reach out to our experts at IDT Express. 

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