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Frequently Asked Questions

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IDT Express offers the following services: wholesale voice termination, wholesale DIDs (Virtual Telephone Numbers) (DDI), and A2P SMS. 

IDT Express offers both USD and EURO currency accounts. 

Although we don’t have system minimums (however, we do require a minimum payment of $100 to fund a prepaid account), to get the most aggressive pricing we do ask for volume forecasts. The prepaid service is offered on a pay as you go model. 

IDT Express provides prospects a lead submission form on the homepage of our website. Upon sign up each customer will get a $25 Trial account. 

With the IDT Express service our goal is to offer our customers a customized solution. We will review your business and come up with a customized solution. To help make the process easier, we also offer a free no obligation account plus a $25 appreciation credit that you can use to test out the service and try our routes. If you’re unable to sign-up online, please send an email to idtexpress@idt.net

Yes, we offer a free no obligation test account to all customers. Your IDT Express account rep will help get that process started for you. 

IDT Express is a prepaid service. We offer payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, Western Union, Bank Transfer and in certain cases PayPal as well. 

We would be happy to provide you with a free test account and full A to Z price lists. Please let us know what countries/locations that interest you along with target monthly volumes for each. 

Yes, all IDT Express accounts get assigned an account manager who is there to assist. If you are unsure of who your account manager is or if you need their contact info you can view their information in your portal. 

Our Headquarters is based in the United States. We also have sales and support teams in the UK, Spain, and Hong Kong. We provide account managers in the office closest to our customers locations to ensure the best coverage and communication. We also provide 24/7 support for all IDT Express customers. 

Please provide your full physical address & your switch IP. One of our regional sales managers will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

No, we are a voice over IP service provider. Meaning we transport Voice calls over our network. We do not provide internet access. 

Yes, every IDT Express account gets access to their very own user portal with reports, news, current rates, Switch Management functions (adding removing IPs), trouble ticketing and much more. 

Not yet, but our web portal is fully responsive and works very well on all mobile devices. 

IDT Express does not currently offer a reseller program. We only sell direct. 

All IDT Express requires is your Company information and your contact details (Name, email, phone and country) & your switch IP to open an account. 

No, but we do offer great referrals. If you would like to discuss, please ask one of the regional sales managers to contact you. 

Yes. If you had an IDT Express account but haven’t used it in a while we can reopen the account for you. Please contact your account manager today to get started. 

Yes, if there is no billing activity/ traffic activity for a period of 90 days, the account will be closed. We do send out notifications along the way to alert you in advance. 

We do not want to see you go, but if you decide to cancel your account, please reach out to your IDT Express account manager who will be happy to assist. 

Yes, we have full coverage across the globe and have different quality levels available to match your needs. 

Yes, for Voice, we have three standard service levels

  • Platinum – CLI certified routes and tier 1 termination
  • Gold – High performing retail quality routes
  • IDT Instant – Spot market opportunities 

For DIDs, we have only one quality level. 

To pick the Voice division you would like to use, you will need to have your switch enter a prefix before every call. If this is not possible, you can also choose a default division on your account and have all your calls sent to IDT Express route over that division. 

Yes, with our Platinum product, we provide CLI for just about every location. We also perform daily testing to ensure the quality and accuracy of our CLI routes. 

We have direct routes to just about every country and provider. If you would like to find out more information and get rates, please provide your contact info. One of our regional account managers will be able to assist you further. 

For all rate discussions, we encourage you to speak with your assigned IDT Express account manager. 

We offer a ticketing system in the portal where you can open new trouble tickets and view the status.

IDT Express does offer SMS capable DIDs for many countries, but we do not provide the SMS service itself. You will need to source another supplier to transport and bill the SMS portion. We have many customers who do this and would be happy to provide some guidance. 

We offer some of the most competitive pricing on DIDs in the market. Please let us know the countries/cities that interest you the most along with some volume forecasts and we will work on getting you some pricing. 

We have coverage in 70+ countries and offer many different types of numbers (Local, National, Toll Free). To see our full coverage please click here. 

Yes, we have extensive coverage with Toll Free in the US, Canada and the UK. We can also secure toll free from additional countries upon special request. 

Yes, we offer DID APIs. It can be accessed through our web portal.

Please contact your IDT Express account manager to enable DID APIs on your account. 

Yes, we do offer test accounts for this purpose. Your account manager who can set this up for you and can also enable our powerful DID APIs if you already have an account. 

Yes, IDT offers free porting where available. Just let us know what countries you are interested in porting numbers from. 

Yes, you may port out any number at any time that you purchase from IDT Express. Please note: the number type needs to allow porting.