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Running an inmate calling service has unique challenges. IDT Express can give you the tools you need to reap the rewards. As a full-service telecom provider, with a reliable voice network and vast DID footprint, we can help your business scale and find solutions that work.

IDT Express gives you access to vanity numbers, NPA NXX level rate centers across the US, and a constantly expanding international coverage (70+ countries). Our dedicated account managers can help you navigate the increasingly complex issues of regulations (like FCC rate caps), find you market leading rates, and identify the unique needs of your business.

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At IDT Express, we have been empowering the customers voice since 2010.
What’s on your list?

  • Vast DID footprint – see our DID Territory List for details

  • Bulk pricing discounts available

  • Per channel & per minute pricing options

  • Number portability – move your numbers with ease

  • Fully transparent pricing

  • Dedicated account management & easy sales process

  • Scalable capacity – unlimited channels and high Calls Per Second (CPS) limits

  • Reliability – low PDD (Post Dial Delay), high ASR (Answer Seizure ratio), and quality level choices to match your needs and budget

  • Global 24 / 7 support

  • POPs in UK, HK, and US

  • Portal – full self-service portal that allows for technical reporting, anti-hacking controls, and more!

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