Change is an integral part of doing business, and a business that never changed would be extremely unusual. As a business evolves, its communications need to evolve with it, and a VoIP system is uniquely geared to grow with your business, scaling up easily when required, and adding new features and functions.

Change is one thing you can count on

Whether it’s fluctuating seasonal demands, new product launches or embracing new markets, change can be driven by a number of factors. The important thing is to be prepared for change and to have systems in place that are versatile enough to easily accommodate new procedures and demands.

A unified communications platform has many advantages in adjusting to change. A unified system based on VoIP can adapt to encompass new channels of communication, new lines, dedicated lines for important clients or a new team of remote workers. Flexibility is one of the hallmarks of a VoIP system, with many changes manageable directly via the admin panel of your VoIP system’s software. Other than buying handsets, very little in the way of expensive hardware and infrastructure is required and there is no more waiting around for engineers to pay a visit and repair faults.

In addition to telephony, VoIP can also accommodate video conferencing, data transmission and tailored security with login credentials that can enable key staff to access the system while protecting sensitive data.

How wholesale VoIP termination rates boost profits

If you choose a VoIP provider such as IDT with an extensive global network, then you will be able to take advantage of the ultra-competitive rates we offer that will deliver substantial savings to your business. While VoIP to VoIP calls cost practically nothing, if you are calling numbers that terminate at a landline or mobile in another country – particularly a developing nation that sees incoming calls as a source of revenue – then these calls could mount up and be a significant expense. But competitive rates will ensure that your communications always stay within budget.

With a unified approach, your communications platform can encompass email, telephony, video, instant messaging and many other features – and all managed from one simple package. Integration of all these disparate functions will be seamless as they all originate from the same place. Since your communications will be based upon an internet platform, this means that staff will be able to access its features wherever they happen to be, provided that they have a connection to the web and their login details.

In addition, most of the features of a unified system will be easily accessible via mobile apps, to make it a truly portable communications solution that is available anywhere, at any time, meaning your business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the time and energy you save by operating with such an efficient communications platform, you will be able to deal with more clients, deliver better service and focus upon expansion.