VoIP is being hailed as the cost-effective and flexible communication solution of today, and the future. While it offers a whole raft of great features that make it particularly useful to businesses, there is the possibility of fraud, and any organisation using VoIP should be aware of the risks in order to mitigate them.

Wholesale VoIP termination rates means money saved

As VoIP continues to grow in popularity, it is providing a platform for entrepreneurs to build partnerships and offer great deals in wholesale VoIP termination rates. The savings here can be huge, so putting aside a little of that saved capital towards increased security is no hardship. Like any popular technology that starts attracting attention, it becomes the target of thieves. VoIP fraud is rising, as hackers try to get access to important data using techniques such as password scanning or traffic pumping.

Quiet times are like catnip to criminals, so it is worth monitoring your system when you think no one is paying attention, say Friday nights, Sunday afternoons and holidays. By doing this you may catch hackers in the act and be able to prevent critical data loss.
Keeping your system up to date is essential for marinating its security. Thieves love to take advantage of old technology that is easy to breach. Make sure your phone systems are assessed regularly to identify any vulnerable areas, and then secure them.

Put up a strong wall around your system

Less than 40 percent of those operating communication systems believe that they have adequate preparations to foil a cyber attack. Don’t be one of those businesses leaving itself wide open to being exploited. An investment in cyber security could be the preventative action that saves you a fortune. It doesn’t even need to be the best security system in the world. It just needs to be strong enough to make hackers think about abandoning your system and moving on.

Fire alarms save lives, and an alarm or alert device for your VoIP system can let you know whenever anyone is tampering with your network. It could be set up in a way that you get a text when a hacker tries to breach system security. You want real-time warning so immediate action can be taken when there is any suspicious activity.

If there is an alert, you want to act fast and have a plan in place to lock down your system as soon as possible. Don’t wait until someone has tried to attack your system before thinking about how to deal with this kind of event. With an effective system in place, there should be adequate warning given when someone is trying to compromise your system, and because there is an emergency plan in place that takes instant steps to protect the system, loss of data can be prevented.

Of course, a reputable VoIP provider such as IDT will also have security in place, so this is something you want to check when choosing your supplier.