With businesses especially reaping financial and technical rewards from VoIP technology, carriers are increasingly in demand. Here’s a quick look at their role in the VoIP world.

The requirements of VoIP

While there are home users, the predominant market is among businesses. To utilise VoIP, a few basics are needed after the physical set-up. For example, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This is flexible and allows for multimedia via IP/TCP networks and means calls can be set up with various IP protocols, from Transmission Control Protocol (TCP to Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP).

There are also DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers required, the numbers assigned to the gateway connecting the PTSN to the VoIP network. Voice termination parameters define the end point at which the call is received, anywhere worldwide. VoIP data packets ultimately have to be reassembled from their digital format into the appropriate form, whether video or voice, for the recipient.

The role of VoIP carriers

VoIP carriers will vary in terms of the scope of their solutions and how they offer them, from Tier 1 providers to resellers. Many VoIP providers will supply DID numbers and integrate cloud-based PBX with the package, connecting calls set for a particular destination to the incoming line. One of the major advantages of VoIP is the separation of the number from the physical location, allowing for portability and location independence.

VoIP carriers will require a stable internet connection with adequate bandwidth. In some cases, a Quality of Service (QoS) setup on a router is used to ensure that voice calls are prioritised in the face of other internet traffic, thereby ensuring that call quality is as good as possible.

A VoIP provider will typically assess the ‘VoIP readiness factor’ of the network and infrastructure to ensure that the service is provided in accordance with what’s available. Specialists such as IDT can also provide competitive voice termination services. This can be on a wholesale basis, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses reselling or utilising call termination.

Finding a VoIP wholesale carrier

IDT is one of the largest internet VoIP termination service providers in the world. We provide a range of services depending on your requirements, from call termination to DIDs, whether that’s one or multiple orders. As a wholesale carrier, we know the market and we provide cost-effective solutions that are designed to suit your business needs, so you can rest assured that you get everything required for an excellent VoIP service.

For example, at a platinum level with IDT Express, features include Tier 1 interconnection via mobile network operator, local network operator, parent company termination provider or regional network provider, along with QoS parameters managed around the clock, testing of CLI delivery and transparent ISUP signalling.

With a self-service portal, you can manage your service and account conveniently, anywhere, any time. We offer a range of benefits for businesses requiring DIDs or reliable, quality worldwide voice termination.