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How VoIP Is Boosting Productivity!

|  3 min
How VoIP Is Boosting Productivity
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Many smarter businesses are recognizing the benefits that VoIP technology brings and the advantages that a unified communications system can offer. 

Ideal for remote working

Research has shown that remote working offers staff increased flexibility, which can boost productivity. VoIP supports remote working arrangements as it allows users to communicate anywhere using mobile technology without missing any calls. With VoIP systems, remote workers can have access to the same communications technology and opportunities for collaboration as those working in the office. This ensures that there is no communications or productivity compromise by working remotely. 

Supports unified communications

Businesses may choose to use a wide variety of communication channels and the beauty of using VoIP technology is that it supports a unified communications strategy. Firms can bring their communications systems and channels together in a single platform, increasing efficiency, saving time and boosting productivity. VoIP also supports integration with third-party apps. 

More efficient communications

With standard telecommunications systems, you might miss a call if you are out of the office or on another line, but with VoIP, this does not have to be the case. By directing calls to your device, you can deal with them instantly. Crucially, voicemails can be converted to emails using VoIP technology. 

Emails are faster to scan than listening to voice messages and you have the benefit of being able to forward email messages to others. Written messages are also easier to understand than spoken words, minimizing any confusion or inaccuracies. These factors can contribute to a more productive business. 

Wholesale VoIP termination rates support automation

VoIP technology comes with a wide range of automated features that enable calls to be managed more efficiently than using traditional technology. With these automated features, you are also less reliant on an in-house receptionist to manage the calls. This saves time and money, helping to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff. 

High-quality calls

If you work with clients overseas, you may be affected by poor-quality voice transmission which can impact upon the effectiveness of your communications. Advances in VoIP technology ensure that poor-quality communications are now very much a thing of the past. With VoIP solutions from specialists such as IDT, you can easily conduct teleconferencing calls overseas without worrying about line interference or loss of connection. This can further help to improve productivity. 


The beauty of using VoIP technology is that it can adapt to any changes within your business, allowing it to seamlessly evolve in line with your business. So, if your company expands, you can easily integrate this technology into your operations to suit your ever-changing needs. This flexibility increases the efficiency of your operations and positively impacts on overall productivity. 

VoIP communications systems are far less likely to suffer from malfunctions or downtime compared with traditional technologies. In particular, in the event of a physical disaster in the workplace, staff can still use communication systems remotely. With optimum up-time and disaster recovery, VoIP systems allow for business continuity. 

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