The main benefit that first attracts businesses to VoIP is the significant cost saving. However, as with any  major change to systems or processes, your staff need to willingly adopt the new way of doing things. Without this buy-in you are almost certainly looking at an expensive failure as staff cling to the old modus operandi. Thankfully, switching to VoIP offers numerous benefits that will resonate with the majority of team members.

Freedom to work from anywhere.

With a VoIP system provided by a trusted firm such as IDT, the world becomes your employees’ office. You can feel confident in adopting flexible working practices and working from home policies secure in the knowledge that your customers won’t even notice the difference. No more ‘Oh I’m sorry they’re not in today, but you could try their mobile’ messages or dropped calls. With a VoIP number, any phone, computer or tablet can become their office phone. Moreover, they can be reached at the same number whether at work, at home, or wherever.

In the event that they have their phone turned off, you can say goodbye to business lost to answerphone oblivion. VoIP offers the opportunity of embedding a range of other digital services including automated voicemail to email conversion. With flexible working estimated to improve efficiency by up to 30 percent, this is one staff perk you should be only too happy to offer.

Lots of new features to play with

Voicemail to text is just one of a range of potential new options that come with a VoIP phone. Others include tools that managers will love, such as hunt groups (where an inbound call can be bounced between a nominated group of phones until it finds someone to pick up) call stats and the ability to have multiple devices sharing one extension. Your customer service team will love the ability to easily record multiple hold messages, park and transfer calls, alert teams to high call volumes and even pick from a range of hold music (so you can put something soothing on if you’re dealing with high customer stress levels).

Easy Scalability

Your IT team will also be happy to hear you are making the switch to VoIP. Not only is an online self-service portal far easier to manage than traditional systems, but scalability becomes far simpler as well. A new employee needs only a data point to be set up, rather than having to run expensive copper wiring to a new office. And when people move jobs or locations, their numbers can easily travel with them as it’s simply a case of logging into a new phone with the touch of a few buttons.

This is equally as true when it’s a new office being set up, or a new branch in another country. Your IT team will save time, develop their skills using the latest technology and respond to user
requests far more quickly. All of these benefits make VoIP a win-win for all elements of the organisation.