Many businesses are already harnessing the power of VoIP termination technology, utilising the internet and internal networks to make calls rather than relying on conventional landline phone systems.

Here are some of the business advantages VoIP technology holds over traditional telephone services:

VoIP Reduces Business Costs

Employing VoIP technology and routing calls over the internet rather than using traditional landline phone technology can save businesses money on both local and International calls.

By utilising VoIP, a business can avoid the costs that are usually passed onto the customer by traditional telephone providers. Traditional phone companies’ products are comparatively expensive, in no small part due to factors such as the maintenance of existing cables, hardware and technician costs but there are two hefty costs in particular that VoIP customers in some locations can avoid:


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which regulates traditional phone operators in the USA charges taxes to phone companies. These taxes are passed on by the phone companies to the end user and incorporated in any tariff. The FCC does not, however, regulate VoIP technology and is therefore unable to impose these taxes.

Interconnection Charges

When making calls to subscribers of other network providers, customers of traditional phone companies are liable to pay interconnection fees passed on by their providers.

VoIP System Installation, Maintenance & Running Costs

There are significant advantages of upgrading to VoIP over traditional landline systems when it comes to the ease, speed and low-cost installation. With VoIP, the simplicity of ongoing maintenance and management is a major advantage.

VoIP offers seamless first-time installation without the costly technicians, expensive hardware or lengthy workflow disruption. Once VoIP is in place, upgrading your VoIP service with an expert provider such as IDT is also achievable with a few clicks.

If you are moving office, you can take your phone numbers with you and set them up with ease by plugging into a router or access point at the new location.

VoIP Increases Productivity & Customer Goodwill

VoIP technology can integrate with other software to enhance business performance and improve customer relationships. An incoming caller can be immediately identified, the caller’s data can be automatically retrieved and made available on screen to the team member answering the call.

Portable Phone Numbers

Phone number portability is a major advantage for VoIP users. This means that an employee can have a dedicated phone line to make calls on the move wherever there is an internet connection.

It also means that customers can always reach a business representative on a single number whether they are at their desk, telecommuting at home or even on holiday.

Wholesale VoIP termination rates

As one of the world’s leading providers of VoIP termination carrying 28 billion minutes annually, we understand how VoIP can empower your business. If you are looking for a VoIP solution that will save you money, increase productivity, enhance your customer relationships and improve your business performance then an IDT VoIP termination solution is well worth considering.