sip trunking facts
If you have spent any time looking at telecoms options in the recent past, then you will almost certainly have come across the concept of SIP trunking. What SIP trunking does is to replace the old ISDN line you used to need to connect your PABX to the telephone network.
secure voip solutions
If your business was the victim of telecoms fraud, would you know? How would you know? How quickly? We read every week about Denial of Service attacks and the theft of personal data, but internet telephony attacks seem somehow less newsworthy. Do they also happen? Well, according to the Communications
As the new year begins to unfold, we look at some of the communication trends we can expect to see emerge and grow in 2019. Here are some of the most important ones to watch this year. Wholesale VoIP termination Cloud-based communications are not new and increasing numbers of businesses
Carrier Services Infrastructure (CSI) is the foundation of telephony communications. It carries both public and private communications for all VoIP providers. When a business chooses a VoIP solution, it will then have its own sub-network of a larger CSI. There are 5 different CSI types: PSTN, DS, OC, HFC and
secure voip systems
More and more businesses are switching their voice communications to VoIP, but this inevitably raises concerns surrounding security. The good news is that a properly installed and configured VoIP system is pretty secure, but it’s important to understand how to keep it that way and how VoIP compares to PSTN
voip call quality
VoIP is fast becoming the number one telecommunication option for both businesses and individuals. Technical advances over the past decade mean that call quality is much better than it used to be back in the days of dial-up Internet (using PSTN). However, poor call quality is still one of the
Voip and AI
VoIP and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the fastest-growing elements of the technology sector. VoIP utilises the Internet (as opposed to the PSTN) to make phone calls and is increasingly being used by businesses all across the globe. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly common across
voip cyberthreats
Like any system that relies on communication over the internet, VoIP is vulnerable to the threat of cyber attack. Many attacks against these systems make use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which is the most commonly used in the VoIP sphere. Whether you have already made the switch to
voip protocols
VoIP has been one of the fastest growing areas in voice communication for some time. With major service providers now switching their networks over to VoIP from the older PSTN standards, this growth shows no signs of slowing down just yet. Of course, VoIP has been around since the mid
voip security
The use of VoIP services for voice traffic has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks to the dramatic cost savings and a host of other benefits. However, as with any new technology, along with the benefits come additional risks. Because it relies upon networking and internet infrastructure, VoIP introduces security
Telecoms CSI
Key to the operation of telecommunications networks is the carrier services infrastructure (CSI). The CSI used affects how the service works because they each have different protocols underlying them. This means some will have less bandwidth available than others and some will support fewer services. CSIs are akin to a
hosted telephony
More and more businesses are opting to use hosted telephony services. But, why has there been a surge towards cloud-based communications technology? Businesses are increasingly switching their telecommunications systems to those hosted in the cloud through a broadband connection because this delivers a whole raft of benefits, especially when compared