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Anyone with B2B experience knows that when accounts aren’t settled promptly, a business can quickly find itself handicapped, or worse. When your business involves multiple partners, operating in a rapidly fluctuating market, revenue liquidity can become a critical risk factor. Revenue flows in the VoIP market A VoIP connection often
There are a number of routes by which cybercriminals and hackers can disrupt VoIP communications. One of the most insidious is the man-in-the-middle attack. This is where a hacker secretly intercepts, relays and perhaps even alters the communication between two parties that think they are communicating directly with one another.
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Whether we like it or not, automation is regarded as an inevitable way to reduce costs and is advancing in all sectors. Even governments are jumping on board. For example, an element in the roll-out of “universal credit” is an attempt to shift the whole process online, including applications, tax
Although useful initially, IVR (interactive voice response) looks to be nearing the end of its useful life in some applications. AI and advances in natural language processing (NLP) technology are taking customer service to a whole new level. With improved efficiency and happier consumers, chatbots could not only improve your
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VoIP has become one of the most talked-about communications technologies of recent years. As more and more people switch to using VoIP, they can take advantage of the many benefits that this technology brings. While already far more technically advanced than traditional communications services, VoIP still continues to evolve. Here’s
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The use of VoIP for business communications has increased exponentially in the last few years, due to the wide range of features and benefits on offer as well as cost effectiveness. However, with the expansion of the technology from local and wide area networks to internet voice calls, organisations are
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 Making phone calls via the internet using VoIP is something we now tend to take for granted without necessarily thinking about what goes on beneath the surface. The underlying technology, however, is important and a basic understanding of it can help in deciding which system is right for you. Behind
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The number of electronic devices including mobiles, tablets and laptops used by each of us is continually increasing, with many of these now routinely used for work purposes. This brings with it a number of security risks that need to be considered and addressed.  Endpoint security management is a branch
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A business’ phone number is important for a number of reasons. Clearly, it allows customers to speak with you or your staff, but the type of number you have also says something about the business you are operating. It pays to choose the right number to inspire confidence among your
real transport protocol
Real-time transport protocol (RTP) is a way of structuring data packets so that they can be delivered across the internet at lightning speeds and reassembled into a smooth flowing stream suitable for delivering voice or multimedia in a natural way. Without such a protocol, voice over IP would be impossible.

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