VoIP is an incredibly flexible communications technology for any business, as it can be used from just about anywhere provided that there is an internet connection. However mobile VoIP takes this incredible functionality a step further.

How it works

Mobile VoIP delivers low cost corporate voice telephony. It works with the network to which the mobile is connected for the sending of digital signals across the internet. With mobile VoIP, users can take advantage of WiFi or internet platforms to reduce or even eliminate costs associated with data and voice packages. It is especially useful for businesses with staff who move around either nationally or internationally, as an internet connection is the principal prerequisite for mobile VoIP.

Mobile VoIP is becoming increasingly popular with businesses as they strive to improve their overall communications strategies with better quality and more efficient telephony. Mobile VoIP can help with reducing overheads, enabling the business to streamline its operations as complex hardware and infrastructure is no longer needed for a VoIP communications platform.

How a VoIP wholesale carrier can cut costs

With a mobile VoIP solution, the overall cost of international calls can be dramatically reduced. Reputable providers such as IDT offer an extensive and well established international network that ensures the most competitive rates are offered, no matter what country is being called, or what network or local infrastructure the call terminates with. This is especially important in some developing countries, where call termination can be seen as a significant source of revenue. For businesses trading internationally, mobile VoIP can take advantage of competitive wholesale rates and thus drive substantial savings on communications.

In general, when supported by a large international network of providers and carriers, calls between nations can be charged at an extremely reasonable local rate, and the business traveller is not affected by expensive roaming charges.

Mobile VoIP also offers other benefits, such as customised security options. To prevent any unwanted use of your platform, your VoIP package can utilise codes to protect access to different areas of stored data. If the VoIP package is cloud-hosted, then security can also regulate access to different areas of the cloud, while allowing the service to be used in almost any location.

VoIP enables dedicated lines for important clients to be set up without installing expensive hardware, and the business can select the numbers used. So any business can easily set up numbers that appear to be local, but are actually based somewhere else altogether. Since the calls can be charged at local rates, the customer is not penalised in any way.

A variety of apps are also available for mobile VoIP, so there are further choices for customising your VoIP package to suit your business needs. Since VoIP is so adaptable, it is easy to scale up or down in line with business demand. Here at IDT, we provide expert guidance to ensure that our clients have precisely the communication tools they require.