VoIP has been acclaimed for its versatility and as a platform for cost-effective communication. When both parties are using the internet, the cost of using VoIP is almost nothing. However, for some calls, the person being called is on a different type of carrier or provider and thus the call terminates – or is delivered – using that network. This can affect the cost of the call, especially if the voice termination carrier imposes high charges.

Nuts and bolts

A VoIP call is initiated on the internet by the calling party. They will want to be connected to someone who may be using the internet, but who may equally be using a landline or PSTN number, or, indeed, a mobile phone. When the recipient of the call is using a mobile, the charges for terminating the call can rise steeply. The key factors here include the country in which the recipient is located and through which carrier they are connected. Even when calling your own staff this can be an issue as they may need to travel to a country wherein there is little choice as to which network to use.

The call’s voice quality can also be affected by the infrastructure of the network to which the recipient is connected. Another factor affecting voice quality may be the speed of the internet connection.

Cost savings from great voice termination rates

In choosing a VoIP provider, it is important to select a specialist such as IDT with an extensive global network with access to a substantial array of providers and carriers. This ensures that when a call does terminate in, for example, a developing country where the carrier sees incoming calls as a quick way of raising revenue, then there will not be a dramatic hike in charges.

If you are a business with a significant number of international contacts, then termination rates can be extremely important in overall communication budgets. A high-quality VoIP provider will be sensitive to the needs of your business and will be able to adjust your communication package to the evolving needs of your business.

In terminating a call, the route taken by the call may traverse a number of countries and connect with more than one network, which makes the termination rates even more important. Rates can increase for countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, in particular.

Conversely, call origination is the term for voice telephony that starts from a PSTN network and concludes with a connection to the internet. Many people think of this as the reverse of call termination. Once again, using different networks can affect the final cost for the call, so it is essential to have a solution in place that offers excellent value and flexibility, regardless as to origination or termination locations.

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