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Will IWS Be a Game-Changer in VoIP Services?

|  3 min
What is IWS
In this article

Anyone with B2B experience knows that when accounts aren’t settled promptly, a business can quickly find itself handicapped, or worse. When your business involves multiple partners, operating in a rapidly fluctuating market, revenue liquidity can become a critical risk factor. 

Revenue flows in the VoIP market

A VoIP connection often takes a route that makes no geographical sense. Instead, routing follows a gradient dictated by a combination of network traffic, tariff structures and call quality considerations. That route will involve an array of routers, servers, trunks, wired and wireless networks owned by many different companies. Consequently, the number of parties involved in providing services to each other is large and constantly shifting, and so are the revenue streams that pay for them. 

While the hardware backbone of VoIP is owned by a whole range of IT and telecom companies around the world, it is the access provider, such as IDT, that delivers the connections to the end users. Essentially, these providers negotiate routing channels on a wholesale basis. They constantly compete to find the cheapest way to connect calls across the Net and from the Net to local phone networks when needed. So, in addition to delivering the service to the person making a call, the wholesale provider is dependent on a great deal of B2B activity. 

Maintaining liquidity

In order to maintain good connections at the lowest overall cost, business VoIP providers must respond quickly to both technical and tariff fluctuations on the network, and ensure they have clear contractual understandings with all their business partners at the same time. Then they need to get all these complicated accounts settled swiftly so they can keep on operating. 

Achieving smooth revenue flows from a rapidly shifting network can be daunting, yet many business VoIP providers still cling to conventional monthly billing patterns. 

Advantages of IWS

Instant Wholesale Service delivers wholesale VoIP in an enhanced form. As the name implies, it eliminates the liquidity risk by making instant payment a part of the wholesale routing transaction. It will be particularly beneficial for new and small businesses trying to get established in the wholesale VoIP market, because it allows them to offer routes and generate invoices at any time of their choosing, direct from their own secure and unified portal. 

Being an automated system, all the arduous and slow paperwork is eliminated. When something needs to be traced and examined, the transaction history is already there in a digital form. If you’re a new business contemplating using IWS, make sure it’s easy to add new groups of numbers or adapt your system when you open a new branch office. Established wholesale providers will be able to provide scalability so that there is no disruption when you expand, and superlative customer service throughout. 

IWS makes it easier than ever to enter the explosively growing VoIP market; with lower start up costs, a reduced head count, less training and considerably reduced liquidity risks. 

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