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How to Choose the Right VoIP DID Service for Your SME

|  4 min
VoIP DID Service
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VoIP offers a number of advantages over traditional phone services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Fortunately, building a VoIP system is becoming an increasingly straightforward process, thanks to advances within the field of digital telephony.

Whether you’re a new business that’s just getting started or an established SME looking for a new VoIP solution, check out the following tips to find the best VoIP DID provider:

Tip #1: Go Global, Act Local

Modern tools make it possible for businesses to create a virtual presence in other locations, potentially removing the need for physical premises altogether. 

For example, VoIP DID services can make it appear as if your company has offices in many locations, even if you don’t have an office space or staff there. Instead, the VoIP DID number will route all calls back to your HQ from whatever area is associated with your number. 

Your company can “open” offices in China, Europe, India, USA, Canada or anywhere else in the world, while still operating all of those branches from a single, central office. This use of simple programmable DID numbers allows you to use VoIP DID numbers instead of real estate to get close to your customers. 

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Cloud Services

Almost every technology on the planet has become more scalable and cheaper, due to migrations to the cloud. Cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model oriented telephony products have become cheaper as well, creating a great opportunity for small businesses. 

Because the cloud model eliminates the need to invest in IT infrastructure, your company won’t need to buy servers, terminals, or network devices. Instead, through cloud computing, you can access the same utilities available to large businesses by paying an annual or monthly subscription (often priced per user or technician). 

Tip #3: Anticipate Future Expansion

Be cautious in selecting a telephony and VoIP DID number provider. Amongst other factors like reliability, price and infrastructure, you should also compare providers on their current DID coverage, keeping your own future expansion plans in mind. 

Although you might only be looking for specific locations when you first search for new numbers, don’t limit your search to VoIP providers that only cover those areas. Surprisingly few DID number suppliers have global reach. If there’s even a small chance you may expand beyond your initial location, look for a provider with a large library of available numbers that can grow with you in the future. 

Tip #4: Take Your Number with You

Throughout the course of business, you may need to move your existing numbers to a new service to maintain contact with existing customers. 

The process of moving a number from one VoIP service provider to another is called “porting.” While most VoIP DID number suppliers can manage this process, not every service provider is licensed to manage DID numbers in every area or country. Double-check that your supplier is able to take on your existing numbers before signing up for their services. 

Check on the provider’s typical porting times as well. Although it’s common for the process to take several weeks, minimizing this as much as possible limits the hassle of waiting for your numbers to change over. 

Tip #5: Choose a Provider that Offers Online Account Management

Online Account Management

Imagine that your marketing team comes up with a new promotion to tie in to an upcoming local festival. If you can’t get the right number for your promotional hotline quickly, you might miss out on that selling opportunity. 

A VoIP DID service that offers an online self-service portal allows you to log into your account and identify available numbers while talking with your team, in addition to offering a number of benefits, such as DID to IP mapping, online bill pay, address changing and more. 

Operator-driven VoIP DID services, on the other hand, create risk for SMEs. Human error can cause numbers to be misallocated or left available for others to buy, potentially causing you to lose those catchy numbers you thought you’d reserved. 

Tip #6: Look for Reliability

If you’re going to entrust the delivery of calls to your VoIP DID provider, you need to be sure the company guarantees quality of service, speedy connections, and zero dropped calls. If your VoIP DID supplier goes out of business, it could take your company down with it, as small businesses can be very vulnerable to counterparty risk. 

Even if up-and-coming startups offer lower prices, avoid dealing with DID providers that don’t have a solid track record of past success. Reputable partners are easy to spot. Company records are often available to the public online, and customer reviews will point you in the direction of the supplier that’s right for you. 

Make sure your supplier also has strong security measures in place so that it won’t leak your information – inadvertently or otherwise. Data theft is becoming increasingly common, and your business could be threatened by phishing scams and masqueraders if your business partners disclose your account details. 

Data theft can ruin your business. Tighten up the service level agreements (SLAs) that you sign with your suppliers and avoid any provider that can’t prove compliance to well-known data security standards. 

Making Your Final Selection

Ultimately, you need an established, reputable DID supplier that offers global reach and excellent customer support. 

If you are having trouble finding a reputable business VoIP provider, the VoIP Experts at IDT Express can help you find one. IDT Express is one of the leading wholesale VOIP DID providers and has partners all over the world servicing the business VOIP segment. We will be happy to refer you to one of our reputable partners. 

Reach out today or request a free trial to IDT Express

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