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How to Ensure Your Call Quality is Top-Notch

|  5 min
How to Ensure Your Call Quality is Top Notch
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Rapidly growing businesses often ruin their own prospects by growing too big, too fast. The pursuit of market share can sometimes lead to a loss of service quality, as an aggressive marketing strategy can divert resources away from keeping current customers happy. 

To remain competitive, wholesale VoIP providers must focus on building their brands and improving their reputations by delivering high-quality services. Let’s take a look at business strategies can help: 

Invest for Success

Call routing and termination must interconnect seamlessly. This can only be achieved by proper investment in expanded infrastructure and renegotiated service agreements with suppliers. 

Consider the quality of the equipment and software that you use in your business. Faulty equipment could cause serious call quality impairment. 

Infrastructure needs to be robust and updated routinely to ensure processes run together smoothly. To achieve this, a wholesale VoIP provider must build in redundancy, shorten distances between routing and termination, choose direct interconnects, CLI guaranteed routes, highest network uptime, 24X7 support and implement continuous network monitoring. 

Prioritize Network Redundancy

Redundancy creates better call quality. By providing duplicate links in the VoIP network, experienced providers can improve reliability for users, resulting in a consistent, seamless VoIP experience. 

The spare links act as a backup, providing a failsafe for any network failures and capacity shortages. Thus, customers stay connected consistently without loss of service quality. That service quality will result in improved reliability and better service quality. In turn, the enhanced reputation that results may help the wholesale VoIP provider attract more business and earn the money needed to repay the cost of the extra investment. 

Shorten Distances for Quality Wholesale VoIP Termination

Wholesale VoIP providers might use numerous carriers in their operations, and as such, calls may need to be routed extensively before terminating. 

The distance of the link over which the call travels can impact the quality of the call – the longer the route, the more the quality will deteriorate. Reducing the distance between endpoints to get the best possible call quality can help and reduces PDD (post dial delay) and jitters, but this strategy may require you to switch to a different carrier that has more local pops/physical access points and a wider direct interconnect network and can therefore provide more local proximity for a larger percentage of the traffic destinations. 

Interconnections between carriers can also cause delays. Reducing the number of carriers creates a speed advantage, but that strategy needs to be balanced with cost, as wholesale VoIP providers must strike a balance between efficiency and service costs in order to optimize profitability. 

Monitor the Wholesale VoIP Provider Network Consistently

As a wholesale VoIP provider, your network is your stock in trade. As such, it’s imperative to remain vigilant over network performance. Providers must implement a continual monitoring system that identifies potential points of failure and heads off outages. 

Capacity planning is also a necessity in order to ensure a constant, quality service. Examine the performance of all components of the network, including hardware and software. Upgrading each piece of hardware and software in a timely manner ensures optimal network performance. 

In addition, your wholesale voice carrier/VOIP carrier should have sufficient and scalable capacity to accommodate your needs. Look for a reputed voice carrier that has been in the business for some time and preferably has its own organic traffic so you can be assured of their buying powers. 

Your network monitor should provide real-time performance and status checks and also store traffic flow data for analysis and capacity projections. Equipment status monitoring enables failure prevention and costs less than emergency repair. 

Improve Business Partnerships

Improve Business Partnerships

Wholesale VoIP providers are placed between carriers and consumer telephony users. As such, they’re effectively hostages to the quality of service provided by their suppliers, as well as on the business success of their customers. 

Remember that your customer’s customer is also your customer. Work with the retailers that buy your services to see how you can improve the information flows and service connections between you to help win more customers and generate more income to invest in improved call service quality. 

At the same time, work with your suppliers to tighten up the quality of the services they provide to you. Ensure that they have a solid network to provide the quality you are looking for and have reliable escalation processes including global support teams available at your disposal 24×7. 

Build a Brand

If necessary, work with expert consultants to formulate your marketing strategy and track its performance. A haphazard brand representation won’t win you the solid reputation needed to convert customers. No matter how good your service is, a poorly managed image will undermine your business’s reputation. 

Wholesale VoIP providers often focus on the technical aspects of the business and dismiss the value of image. Even though you aren’t dealing directly with consumers and cater to a business market instead, you still need to invest in sales materials that present a professional image, including an attractive and informative website. 

An expanding business needs revenue, and that requires more sales. If you overlook brand identity and customer satisfaction issues, you reduce the income potential that in turn hurts the investment capital availability. 

Improve Quality to Expand the Business

Remember that a fault-free network improves customer satisfaction, which will improve your business’s reputation and make it easier to win new customers. Quality systems don’t just happen by accident. Wholesalers need to build in spare capacity, replace and upgrade aging infrastructure, monitor constantly to prevent failure, and plan for increased demand. 

Although capital investment initially reduces profit, it isn’t possible to expand a business without it. A VoIP network that goes unmonitored, that doesn’t have sufficient capacity, that has unpatched software, and that relies on equipment deployed beyond a reasonable service life is bound to fail. Prioritize service quality to ensure business success and profitability. 

Support your technical excellence with business acumen. Improve your customer service procedures and enhance your company’s image and visibility in order to communicate your service’s technical excellence to present and potential customers. 

Struggling to understand how to ensure the success of your wholesale VoIP provider business? Let the experts at IDT Express help. Reach out today for more information. 

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