As the roll-out of digital and VoIP technology continues, those who consider the future of communications may be wondering what effects this technology will have on call centers. As technology changes, so do the expectations and needs of customers and clients, and it is important that call centers continue to stay abreast of innovations, satisfy customers and continue to be profitable.

Efficient growth

It is likely that as digital technology becomes even more popular and widespread, the role of the call center may need to be redefined and this may happen as soon as 2019. Some companies may re-evaluate the importance of the call center to their business model and even begin the search for alternative techniques and tools to interact effectively with customers. It is possible that some organisations will think about multi channel options.

Along with digital technology, cloud services have become more prominent and a technology that increasing numbers of businesses are exploiting. Call centers may soon be drawing on digital management solutions that are based upon cloud technology. Eventually, it seems likely that most call centers will be using cloud-based solutions and everything will be hosted from the cloud by using a VoIP platform. This will deliver much greater versatility and functionality since there will be a wide range of innovative features that call centers can use to communicate with customers.

Improving the customer experience

It is likely that call centers will make full use of the many apps and new social platforms that will be available for interacting with customers. Messaging apps may be used to improve communications and these apps can also be deployed to enhance productivity, and tailor communications in response to different aspects of a customer’s needs or experience. Choosing the right messenger apps to support a given business can build a competitive advantage while using these apps to differentiate in a crowded market. With VoIP, it is generally easy to integrate different software applications with the telecoms platform.

Bespoke solutions are continuing to be a major part of evolving business trends and harnessing digital technology to deliver these is a given. Integral to this will be an increased focus on the customer’s journey and their overall experience. Digital data can fuel the use of analytics tools to determine what it is that customers want or need and then give it to them.

Research has indicated that nearly 80 per cent of customers are more devoted to a brand that gives them great service. Today, great service is becoming about individual service. Customers want to feel special and valued and the kind of tailored communications and products that digital data can help to deliver will be part of that.

Better value with wholesale VoIP termination rates

Overall, call centers should be investing in the latest technology and using this to advance and define their brand. While investing in new technology and systems can increase costs in the short term, it is now widely recognized that using VoIP is an easy way for a business to save money on its communications bill, and get a more flexible multipurpose platform into the bargain.

For businesses which do a lot of trade abroad, VoIP can be especially helpful. While making a VoIP to VoIP call costs virtually nothing, at times calls will terminate at a landline or even a mobile phone. These calls tend to cost more, depending on the termination rates. In some developing countries, network providers see incoming calls as a lucrative source of revenue, which is why you should turn to a supplier such as IDT with a large global network to call upon and competitive termination rates in the countries with which you do business.

If you want to know more about how your business can save money with wholesale rates, why not contact our expert team. IDT has built a significant global presence in VoIP and we can provide a number of competitive packages to suit your business.

VoIP also provides a range of other benefits too, from tailored security solutions to dedicated lines for special clients without installing expensive infrastructure. A VoIP platform is extremely flexible when it comes to scalability too. If business volumes suddenly shoot up, then that is not a problem for a business running on a VoIP platform. As the business grows, VoIP can grow with it, and as technology evolves and produces new and useful tools for interacting with customers, then these can be easily added on.

Since VoIP is such a versatile communications technology, it can assist call centers in delivering the agility and responsiveness demanded by today’s consumers. Call centers that embrace digital technology and its flexible solutions can deliver exceptional experiences to customers which will, in turn, increase brand loyalty.