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Businesses That Can’t Go Without VOIP

|  2 min
In this article

Any company that communicates with customers or clients will find a terrific asset in VoIP systems which exploit the incredibly flexible platform of the internet in order to realise significant cost savings on calls. While VoIP offers cost savings, it also converts speech into packets of data that can be copied, stored, added to other data and sent to almost any device that connects to the web. VoIP is sometimes referred to as the internet for the voice and businesses have realised that it now represents a technological force that cannot be ignored. In contrast, traditional PTSN, or Public Switched Telephone Network calls are limited by the copper wires that connect their hardware.

Convenience and efficiency

Telemarketers or any firm involved in sales are an obvious group of businesses that can really benefit from the low rates and wholesale termination that a company such as IDT can deliver. CRM, or Customer Relationship Marketing, is vital in sales and analysts say that VoIP CRM outperforms regular CRM to a significant degree in terms of ease of use and cost.

Companies that deal with clients all around the globe will also derive substantial cost savings from using VoIP, especially if they are setting up conference calls that could go on for an hour or more with participants in developing countries or on mobiles, since calling costs can vary a great deal. Companies that have relied in the past on a national model may be struggling to accommodate the challenges of an international marketplace and these firms will find VoIP invaluable.

Any business that has a variety of staff carrying out different tasks needs VoIP, as VoIP systems offer so much versatile practicality. With a VoIP system, the hardware can be configured to suit the task and employees can access the system via headsets, soft phones, mobile phones or the more traditional phone on the desk, depending on what they need to achieve and where they generally achieve it. Features can be customised to those required by staff in order to deliver results. Greater functionality with reduced incremental cost.

Globalisation and competition

Calling via VoIP can cost little or even nothing at all when using existing data networks where there are no charges for termination or infrastructure. However global call termination can be complex at times, and a good way of saving on operating expenses is to outsource functions like these to specialists in the field. VoIP providers such as IDT have connections with and access to the largest telecoms carriers internationally, enabling them to process enormous volumes of caller traffic and keep the costs down. As globalisation continues to accelerate, business will become more international and increasingly competitive. Organisations clinging to outmoded practices and technology will be left behind.

Often heralded as the future of calling, VoIP is only set to deliver more exciting results as the underlying technology continues to evolve and the hardware delivers ever better results. With current and anticipated advancements, there are few businesses that can afford to miss the inherent opportunities.

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