VoIP technology allows unlimited communication via the internet. Wholesale VoIP is a crucial part of the international telecommunication sector. As the wholesale element of the name suggests, it deals with the transaction of bulk routes.

Over the past decade, wholesale VoIP has become essential for many firms, in particular, those in the international telecommunications sector. It is now becoming a vital component in the communication infrastructure of companies across all sectors and of all sizes.

So what are the key reasons that businesses are turning to VoIP?


Probably the best-known and most significant advantage which attracts many businesses and calls centres is the cost savings that can be made. Businesses that adopt VoIP have reported savings in excess of 60% on their annual telecoms bills. VoIP enables them to make unlimited calls to their prospects, partners and clients at vastly reduced rates, as opposed to using landlines which can be extremely expensive (especially for international calls).

Additionally, the maintenance, setup, and configuration costs involved when it comes to adopting VoIP technology are usually managed by the service providers. This is a significant and tangible cost saving.

Improved business communications

Another significant benefit of VoIP termination is its ability to cope with and significantly improve the mobility of business communications. This is useful for employees, clients, and partners who are not office-based but who need to stay connected with the main company network. One easy way of keeping connected is via call/video conferencing over the VoIP network. This makes it simpler for remote workers to stay connected and in contact with the business and eliminates the cost of travelling to HQ for a meeting.

Simple installation, configuration, and maintenance

VoIP compatible phones are easy to install – even for those who have limited technical knowledge. Instead of having to pay for engineers/technicians to come in and connect the phone wiring on your premises, IP phones can be unpacked, connected and ready to use within a matter of minutes. Many service providers such as IDT offer bespoke web portals that can be used to change the system configuration to suit a business’ own needs. There’s no software that needs installing – all that’s required is an internet connection and IP phones.

It is not always possible to predict how many phone lines will be needed going forward. Hosted VoIP systems make it easier to add extra lines when new employees start and, when somebody leaves, their number can be reassigned or removed with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Easy to keep/move existing numbers

Whether rearranging office space or moving premises, opting for a hosted VoIP system gives business users the ability to create portable numbers. This means that wherever the user logs in, they keep the same number. This is very useful, particularly for businesses with workers who travel a great deal as they can simply connect to the network and then make and receive calls from a dedicated number that they can give out to business contacts.

Extra telephony features

In addition to the traditional features, VoIP comes with additional options such as caller ID, call hold, conference calling, call transfer, and auto-attendant phone menus. One particularly useful feature of VoIP phone systems is the ability to send and receive virtual (or IP) faxes. Even today, there are many businesses that rely on signed documents and VoIP faxing enables them to be sent and received without the need for paper or toner. They are sent to a dedicated number and can then be viewed on screen and printed only if necessary.

Easy integration with existing systems

Since they are internet-based, VoIP systems can be easily integrated with many other existing business applications. For example, outbound calls can be made via Outlook and voicemail can be accessed through emails. Some systems also provide voicemail transcription software that is able to convert voicemail messages to text and then send them as emails.

Choosing a VoIP provider

When it comes to selecting a provider for your VoIP needs, it can be tough to identify them in a crowded marketplace. Based upon the experiences of our clients and many other businesses, we would suggest that there are three main things that you should consider. These are: reliability, quality of service, and value for money. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the price differential between providers is continuing to shrink.

Wholesale VoIP termination

Here at IDT, we provide wholesale as well as retail VoIP solutions and have over 25 years of experience at the forefront of the industry. To find out more about the services we offer and to read testimonials from our existing customers, please see the testimonial section of our website. Or, if you wish to discuss your requirements, why not call and speak to one of our experts today?