Both consumers and businesses are recognising the many benefits that VoIP technology brings compared to traditional communications systems. Here are seven such advantages that should convince almost anyone to switch to VoIP.

1. Cost savings

One of the primary drivers behind businesses switching to using VoIP is that it can save them substantial sums compared with using PSTN-based communications systems. With cheaper call rates, it is especially advantageous for any company that conducts business with clients overseas. Further savings are achieved by obviating the need to invest in expensive hardware or software. In fact, for many users, all that is needed is a decent broadband connection.

2. A multitude of features

VoIP solutions can include a wide range of valuable features that make them indispensable for so many businesses. Options such as calling multiple phones, routing calls and voice to email transcription can improve efficiency and productivity. You can choose which features you want to suit your business practices and aspirations.

3. Use on the go

As more people work remotely or on the move, technology that enables effective mobile communications is becoming more important than ever. This is where VoIP systems really excel, as you can still make and receive calls when out and about without the distraction of separate landline and mobile numbers. This enables frictionless communication with colleagues and clients at all times, regardless as to location and is a key element in modern unified communication strategies.

4. Call clarity and quality

VoIP technology has advanced so significantly that call clarity and quality are often far better compared with PSTN-based solutions. Provided that you use a reputable wholesale provider such as IDT and have the right set-up in place, issues such as distortion or speech delay are unlikely to be a problem.

5. Efficient maintenance

A decent wholesale VoIP provider will regularly monitor the network to ensure that it’s working at its optimum and to keep any downtime issues at bay. Should problems occur, these can often be fixed remotely and very quickly, getting you back up and running in no time. With traditional telecommunication systems, you may have to wait for an engineer to come out and fix or replace hardware, which can adversely affect your business. In this respect alone, it makes sense to switch to VoIP.

6. Wholesale VoIP termination scalability

If your business grows, VoIP can easily grow alongside you, without the costly or disruptive addition of extra communication lines or technology. This makes it ideal for fledgeling firms with aggressive growth in their future business plans.

7. Seamless integration

The beauty of using VoIP systems is that they integrate well with other aspects of your business, which can help to further improve efficiency and productivity. For example, you can take phone call recordings and connect these with individual customer records, or transcribe customer messages into emails. By integrating call information analytics, you can also gain additional insight into key performance indicators and identify areas for improvement.