Wholesale VoIP enables users to access unlimited communications via the internet and has become essential for many businesses, particularly those operating internationally or in multiple geographies. It is now rapidly gaining popularity in firms in all sectors and also with individual users.

There are many benefits of using wholesale VoIP services in your business, three of which are discussed below.


One of the most attractive benefits of VoIP wholesale termination is the fact that it can provide incredible savings on communication costs. Calls charges are minimal (if not eliminated) and system maintenance costs, configuration, and set up costs are also eliminated because they are managed directly by the firm providing the wholesale VoIP termination services. Potentially, businesses switching to VoIP can reduce their telecoms bill by over 60%.

User-friendly management

Not only can VoIP deliver substantial cost savings but it’s also quite simple in terms of management and deployment. This is because firms don’t have to expend valuable resources (time, effort, and money) managing the system as it is controlled entirely by the wholesale VoIP service provider. VoIP system management can also be tailored to specific customer requirements. Because most of the systems are cloud-based, there is little or no need for physical maintenance and updates can be simply downloaded as needed.

Network expansion capability

Another major advantage of wholesale VoIP termination is that it offers the capability to expand the network easily, improving mobility in communications and supporting a unified communication strategy. This is particularly useful for employees, partners or clients who are out of the office, work remotely and need to keep in touch via the company phone lines. Call conferencing is one example of the myriad ways in which VoIP can help to keep employees connected regardless as to where they are located. It makes it easy for employees to stay mobile and available at all times and delivers demonstrable improvements in productivity.

Adding/changing phone lines is also simple. This means that when a new employee starts or someone leaves, a new number can be allocated or discontinued. Or new batches of numbers can be easily added if, for example, a new office is opened.

Wholesale VoIP providers such as IDT provide a range of Hosted PBX solutions including enterprise voice services (with toll free and DID phone numbers), local number portability, International LD, and some larger business products such as call centres, call recording, and other unified communications tools.

Wholesale VoIP is a compelling choice for growing businesses looking for reliable telecoms solutions. Firms that opt for VoIP also benefit from increased customer satisfaction rates because their customers can use whichever communication channel they wish in order to interact with them.

Wholesale VoIP termination rates

The wholesale VoIP termination market is highly competitive. IDT has over 25 years of experience in telecoms and is an industry leader when it comes to wholesale VoIP termination. We offer DIDs in more than 45 countries across the globe – and at highly competitive rates.