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A blocklist refers to a list of phone numbers or contacts that have been flagged or identified as undesirable recipients for SMS messages. These numbers may belong to recipients who have explicitly requested not to receive SMS messages from the sender, or they may be identified as invalid, spam, or potential threats.

Businesses maintain blocklists as part of their SMS marketing or communication strategies to ensure compliance with regulations, respect recipient preferences, and protect their reputation. By regularly updating and managing blocklists, businesses can avoid sending unwanted messages to recipients who are not interested or have opted out of receiving SMS communications.

Overall, blocklists play a crucial role in maintaining the effectiveness and legitimacy of B2B SMS campaigns by helping businesses target their messages more effectively and avoid potential legal or reputational issues associated with unsolicited messaging.

How to avoid getting blocklisted?

To avoid getting blocklisted, try:

  • Obtain explicit consent from recipients before sending SMS messages.
  • Provide clear opt-in and opt-out mechanisms for recipients.
  • Honor opt-out requests promptly and accurately.
  • Avoid sending unsolicited or irrelevant messages.
  • Monitor and manage message frequency to prevent spamming.
  • Use legitimate and identifiable sender IDs.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, such as GDPR or TCPA.
  • Regularly update and maintain clean contact lists.
  • Respect recipient preferences and privacy concerns.
  • Monitor and respond to feedback and complaints from recipients.

What is the difference between a Blocklist and a Do Not Disturb (DND) list?

The difference between a Blocklist and a Do Not Disturb (DND) list lies in their purposes and functionalities:


1. Purpose: A blocklist is a list of phone numbers or contacts that have been flagged or identified as undesirable recipients for SMS messages.

2. Functionality: Numbers on the blocklist are typically prevented from receiving any messages from the sender, regardless of the content or sender’s intent.

3. Usage: Blocklists are used by businesses to avoid sending messages to recipients who have explicitly requested not to receive communications, or to filter out invalid, spam, or potentially harmful numbers.

Do Not Disturb (DND) list:

1. Purpose: A Do Not Disturb (DND) list is a list of phone numbers registered by recipients who do not wish to receive unsolicited marketing or promotional messages.

2. Functionality: Numbers on the DND list are legally protected from receiving promotional messages, but they may still receive transactional or service-related messages if they have consented to them.

3. Usage: DND lists are maintained and regulated by telecommunication authorities or regulatory bodies to protect consumer privacy and prevent unwanted messages. Businesses must comply with DND regulations and refrain from sending promotional messages to numbers on the DND list.

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