Least Cost Routing, or LCR, defines how to choose the best route for outgoing voice calls (i.e., termination) in order to get the lowest cost for the path between the caller and the recipient.

LCR Functionality

In simple terms, LCR is a software tool that applies machine learning to find the lowest cost path for phone calls. All the telecom providers, and even some big companies and contact centers, possess some least cost routing tools to save money, avoid disruptions, and improve reliability in case of a service suspension.

The usability of LCR is based on the rate decks that are installed into it since the deck determines the routes for all possible routes across all of the voice carriers in its memory. Format of the rate deck uses the 6-th and 7-th digit of the phone number to be dialed, which structures out as “NPA-NXX”. The phone number is also called a DID or Direct Inward Dial.

Least call routing

There are multiple costs to consider based on where the call is made and destinated. For the inter-state calls, the caller and the recipient are located in different states. For the intra-state calls, the caller and the recipient are located in the same state. In a very short time (<1 sec), LCR will assess the best call route between the origin and the destination, allocating the path between them both – with the lowest rate for the call.

The Benefits of Using LCR

Classical call routing methods are not efficient, and at the same time, they are also not very cost-effective for the users; that is the reason why IDT adopted LCR a decade ago. LCR is a novel, cloud-based method that unifies the capabilities and performance of multiple voice carriers in one smart call routing platform. As a result, our communication platform redefines how companies can route their calls.

least call routing lcr

IDT is among the rare cloud communications providers that offer toll-free least cost routing, exploiting the power of several toll-free service providers for complete redundancy, cost efficiency, and control. Our clients can choose preferred routing and quality options, call boundaries, routing parameters, etc. They will then be ready to redirect the traffic via the optimal route. The clients can also customize their settings by pointing their switches to IDT’s LCR, and we will do the rest. IDT’s technology was built to provide its clients the assurance that their traffic is being handled in the best way – according to their requirements.

The SIP trunking and CDR monitoring tools (together with LCR) enable you to better utilize and enhance your calling features within your communication system. Feel free to contact us for a quick demo on how to implement Least Cost Routing.