Communication technologies are advancing every day, so the idea for a unified experience has emerged recently that will prevail over the term of unified communications.

Unified experience incorporates a set of data coming from multiple sources and presented in a single, understandable way. Unified experiences are enabled by software-based solutions called API-s (application program interfaces). Still, the development of API-s brings some challenges induced by the current existent technologies. User Authentication is one of the main challenges, and also data gathering is needed to provide a better user experience.

New Approach towards the Unified Communications

IP-based communication techniques have been implemented by protocols that support a basic level of interoperable functioning. To solve particular problems and provide advanced functionalities by the use of API-s – the service providers usually add extra communication layers.

Unified Communications

In recent years – Web RTC has appeared as another possibility in this domain. Although it requires more complex system engineering, Web RTC has become quite reliable and persistent. This indicates that it may soon become an easy and affordable technique for building custom software solutions (API-s) for real-time communications. Finally, API-s and other software-based approaches will be judged by how well they operate and how much flexibility they provide to the users. Integration of multiple communication modes is fast rising as the next step in communication technology, giving companies an enlarged set of options to choose from when deciding on their purchases.

Improving the User Experience

Companies that need to reduce user experience fragmentation should explore the technical solutions based on the new generation of API-s and other software approaches. These software packages aim to deliver far more adaptivity when it comes to the collection, management, and delivery of data. The technology consultants at IDT have advanced knowledge of unified communications options for today’s businesses and on how API-s can be deployed to provide effective solutions that deliver a much better users experience.


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