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Decoding Emojis: Unveiling the Meanings Behind the Top 50 Emojis

|  7 min
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What are Emojis – and Why Do They Matter?

Emojis are small images which express a specific emotion, mood, or type of action. Also known as emoticons, this type of digital signage makes it possible to convey a particular message, within the space of a single character. 

For communications media that restrict users to a pre-defined character limit for each message, emoji can therefore represent huge savings – especially if those media charge users on the basis of message length. This makes emoji ideal for communicating via SMS, or other text and media-based messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. They’re also funny and fun, which is no bad thing.

So what emojis are available – and what do they mean? In this guide, we break it down for you.

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Your Guide to the Top 50 Emojis

At first glance, many emojis look alike, so it’s easy to get confused. Knowing what each emoji actually means will help eliminate this confusion – and any potential embarrassment you might suffer from using the wrong one in a critical message. Here are the top 50 emojis currently in use:

1. What Does 😀 Mean?

A smiley face emoji means you’re happy, content, or that you agree with something. Use it to express happiness, gratitude, satisfaction, or appreciation. 

2. What Does 😂​​​  Mean?

The laughing, crying emoji represents spontaneous amusement. It’s the visual equivalent of “Laugh Out Loud” or “LOL.” 

3. What Does 🤣 Mean?

Taking the fun a step up from the laughing smiley, this emoji means that something is so funny that you’re rolling on the floor, laughing (“ROFL”).

4. What Does 😭 Mean?

This emoji can have two meanings. Some people use it to express extreme sadness, while others use it to mean they’re laughing so hard that they’re crying. 

5. What Does 😘 Mean?

Known as the kissy face, this emoji means you’re sending a kiss to someone. You can use it as a “Thank you,” or when you want to show affection for something. It has flirtatious overtones, so take care using it in the workplace.

6. What Does 😍 Mean?

The bulging heart eyes emoji implies that you’re head-over-heels in love with someone, something, or an idea.

7. What Does 😡 Mean?

A red flushed face emoji symbolizes an embarrassed, ashamed, or even shocked reaction to something. 

8. What Does 🙃 Mean?

An upside-down smiley face is an emotional indicator of reactions like silliness, confusion, sarcasm, or irony.

9. What Does 😉 Mean?

The winking smiley face emoji can signal a joke or hidden meaning. It can also be flirtatious or playful.

10. What Does 🙄 Mean?

The eye-rolling smiley means that you’re bored, annoyed, or impatient about something.

11. What Does 😱 Mean?

A screaming emoji indicates shock, surprise, fear, or disbelief.

12. What Does 🤤 Mean?

The drooling face emoji suggests your reaction to something like a fabulous meal or an appetizing idea. 

13. What Does 🥳 Mean?

A party hat and noisemaker smiley face indicates your wish to congratulate someone or celebrate an accomplishment.

14. What 😷 Does Mean?

A masked-up emoji can indicate that you’re unwell. You can also use it in conversations about doctors, medicine, or illness.

15. What Does 😬 Mean?

A grimacing smiley emoji can represent anything from discomfort to nervousness. 

16. What Does 😐 Mean?

You can use a neutral smiley face emoji in context with a larger explanation to convey boredom, irritation, or indifference.

17. What Does 🤪 Mean?

This “crazy days” emoji can illustrate that a situation is wild, silly, and out of control.

18. What Does🤢Mean?

A queasy-looking emoji indicates disgust, nausea, or a gross out physical reaction to something.

19. What Does 🤦 Mean?

This emoji with its hand covering its mouth can indicate amusement, shyness, or embarrassment – depending on the context of the message. 

20. What Does 🤗 Mean?

Assuming this emoji is making a hugging gesture, you can use it as encouragement, love, or support. If you take a “jazz hands” interpretation, it can mean happiness or celebration.

21. What Does 😎 Mean?

A smiley emoji wearing shades means you think something is cool, or want to show confidence about a situation.

22. What Does 🤬 Mean?

This expletive spewing emoji expresses great anger. It’s generally inappropriate for a professional business setting.

23. What Does 🤯 Mean?

This “mind blown” emoji means that you’re shocked, amazed, or in awe.

24. What Does 😇 Mean?

An angelic face emoji symbolizes innocence, kindness, good blessings, and/or prayers.

25. What Does 😈 Mean?

The devil emoji indicates devilish ideas, mischief, or evil thoughts.

26. What Does ️ Mean?

The heart emoji symbolizes love, or deep appreciation for something.

27. What Does 💔 Mean?

The broken-heart emoji represents sadness, disappointment, or displeasure with the outcome of something..

28. What Does 😲 Mean?

Bulging eyeballs can suggest, “Hey, check this out!” Or “Did you see that?” They can also give a warning (“Look out!”).

29. What Does 💯 Mean?

This emoji means 100% – indicating that that you agree with something wholeheartedly, or fully approve.

30. What Does ✅ Mean?

This check mark emoji gives someone the green light or your approval. It can also indicate that you’ve already taken care of something.

31. What Does 🎈Mean?

The balloon emoji is a sign of a celebration, or the will to party. 

32. What Does 🩻 Mean?

This skeleton emoji is typically a Generation Z shorthand for a situation so funny that “I’m dead.”

33. What Does 💰 Mean?

You can use the money bag emoji to send a message about deals and discounts or a raise. 

34. What Does 🤦️ Mean?

The “facepalm” emoji expresses frustration or embarrassment. You can also use it in reference to a mistake or ineptitude.

35. What Does 🤷🏽️ Mean?

The “shruggie” emoji is often used as a sign of indifference. It can also suggest that you don’t know the answer to something.

36. What Does Mean?

Depending on the context of your message, the raising its hand emoji can say something like “Pick me!” or “Call on me!”, or it could mean that you’re putting your hand up in guilt. 

37. What Does 💩 Mean?

This “poop pile” emoji can express silliness, a sign of disapproval, or other topics that aren’t exactly safe for work.

38. What Does 🙈 Mean?

The “see no evil” monkey emoji implies that you don’t even want to look at something, or want to act like you didn’t see it in the first place.

39. What Does 🙉 Mean?

The “hear no evil” monkey indicates that you don’t want to hear or listen to something. 

40. What Does 🙊 Mean?

You can use the “speak no evil” monkey emoji to suggest that your lips are sealed, or to express disbelief that you just said something. 

41. What Does 🥂 Mean?

Clinking champagne glasses imply that a toast is in order to celebrate. 

42. What Does 👏 Mean?

The “clapping hands” emoji is used to give someone applause in appreciation of an achievement. A series of clapping hands – 👏👏👏 – signifies a round of applause, or even a standing ovation. Sometimes, however, the clapping hands are used sarcastically – either in mock praise of a dubious success no one really cares about, or to ironically applaud a failure. 

43. What Does 🤞 Mean?

The “fingers crossed” emoji is a good luck symbol, expressing the desire for a preferred outcome.

44. What Does 👍 Mean?

The classic “thumbs up” usually implies that something is good or good to go. Alternatively, you can use it ironically, in response to something you’re not excited about.

45. What Does 👎 Mean?

The “thumbs down” emoji expresses disapproval, as the opposite of the thumbs-up. 

46. What Does ️ Mean?

The two finger peace sign can indicate peace, harmony, and unity – or say “Peace out” at the end of a conversation.

47. What Does 💪 Mean?

The flexing arm muscle symbolizes strength and power – often as a sign of encouragement. You can also use it to indicate a “flex,” which is slang for showing arrogance and superiority.

48. What Does 🙏 Mean?

Depending on the context, the “two hands praying” emoji can indicate that you’re hoping for something or praying for a particular outcome. Alternatively, you can interpret it as two hands “high-fiving,” to congratulate or encourage someone.

49. What Does 🍑 Mean?

Some people occasionally use this ripe peach emoji in comedic reference to a person’s rump. Generally Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

50. What Does 🔥 Mean?

The fire emoji is usually a sign of approval, which typically means that something is hot, sexy, amazing or exciting.

Give Your Messaging Even More Impact

Now that you know what you can say with emoji, you’ll need a communications platform that can help you effectively say it.

With the IDT Express Bulk SMS platform, you can go beyond plain text and enrich your SMS messages with multimedia content. Our platform supports multimedia messaging via WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. You can optimize your SMS messages by shortening URLs and tracking clicks. Our platform provides built-in link shortening functionality, allowing you to conserve valuable character space in your messages.

An SMS API, which stands for Short Message Service Application Programming Interface, is a set of protocols and tools that enables software applications to send and receive text messages (SMS) programmatically. It allows developers to integrate SMS functionality into their own applications, websites, or systems, facilitating the automation of SMS communication.

With the IDT Express SMS API, you can asily schedule SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp messages to be sent at a specific date and time in the future with a simple API call. You can seamlessly integrate our carrier-grade platform into your existing systems, applications, or workflows to automate SMS communications.

To find out more about how IDT Express Bulk SMS or SMS API can enhance the emotional impact and reach of your communications, book a demo.

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