International calls are getting cheaper, but the range of options and providers also means that finding the best deal is getting more complicated. There are clear benefits to taking advantage of wholesale voice termination, provided that you have a reliable provider to work with.

Competition equals competitiveness

One of the major benefits of wholesale voice termination is cheaper call costs, in no small part due to the fact that digital hardware is far less expensive than traditional telephony infrastructure. Another factor that drives prices down is that, unlike traditional phone providers, there is very little ability for any one company to establish a monopoly since the service is usually largely (or entirely) delivered over the internet.

If you are in the UK and calling Australia, your telephone provider will have a range of tier 2 providers to chose from to move the call onwards, which could be in Spain, France or Germany. Once a provider has been selected, they then can search for the cheapest tier three provider to push the call further on until eventually, the call reaches the Australian network. The whole process will take only a few seconds and if the call is successfully terminated (i.e.) answered, then the charge for the call is shared by all of the providers in the chain. Think of the call as akin to water, taking the path of least resistance (in this case price). Of course, the optimum path can change within hours or minutes, so it pays to work with a partner such as IDT that can always find the best rates and routes.

Benefit from established partnerships and flexibility

It’s important that you select a reliable partner to work with since wholesale voice termination requires a firm that has good existing relationships with Tier 1 and 2 providers, including the major players such as Verizon, Sprint and Vodaphone. Established providers such as IDT have not only built these relationships but can also secure advantageous deals with newer providers that enter the market. They are also positioned to connect calls more directly, meaning fewer providers with which they must share fees. The result is lower overall rates.

Reduce staff costs and increase flexibility

Another major benefit of switching to wholesale voice termination is that it is incredibly easy for your staff to manage, whether that be adding new lines or redirecting an existing number. Many providers will offer a simple yet powerful web-based platform that will allow designated team members to easily control, activate and manage every aspect of your service, whether that be adding new lines or redirecting an existing number.

This obviates the need to send staff on expensive training courses and means that when it is time to grow your business, scaling up is simply a matter of upgrading your package and taking a few minutes to add in new numbers. The software also provides more ways to keep in touch with remote and travelling team members, with far less initial outlay than traditional systems.