voip trends
More than half of UK businesses have swapped to VoIP telephones, but the revolution is only just beginning. Even companies that have adopted VoIP have barely begun to exploit its potential. Here are a few developments burgeoning as we write. The growth of UCaaS VoIP is part of a technology
voip calls
With modern technology accompanies current VoIP systems, recording calls is easier than ever. There are many good reasons for recording calls, such as for staff training, but there is an ethical dimension to consider. Your customers and staff are entitled to a certain level of privacy when it comes to
VoIP is now the standard form of voice communication for a vast number of organisations worldwide. This is because it brings with it numerous advantages over traditional telephony systems including lower set-up costs, reduced infrastructure and cheaper calls. Not only this, but VoIP will soon be replacing ISDN and the
Although useful initially, IVR (interactive voice response) looks to be nearing the end of its useful life in some applications. AI and advances in natural language processing (NLP) technology are taking customer service to a whole new level. With improved efficiency and happier consumers, chatbots could not only improve your
voip numbers
A business’ phone number is important for a number of reasons. Clearly, it allows customers to speak with you or your staff, but the type of number you have also says something about the business you are operating. It pays to choose the right number to inspire confidence among your