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Despite its meteoric growth in popularity over the past few years, VoIP has actually been around for quite a while. Indeed, it is arguably the 20th anniversary of VoIP technologies going mainstream. VoIP continues to grow in popularity, as traditional telephony systems are discontinued or no longer supported by the
Businesses are turning to VoIP for substantial cost savings and greater control over voice communications. But adding IP-based calling to an existing network can raise concerns about how much bandwidth it’s going to require and whether the infrastructure will be able to cope. With data files, audio, video and more
Voice termination – what’s driving VoIP growth? The technology behind VoIP has been around for 20 years or so, but it’s only comparatively recently that it’s started to take off in a big way in the business world. Why is it gaining popularity now and what factors are driving its
There is no doubt that VoIP is growing in popularity. Many have hailed it as the future of telecoms and all kinds of businesses are discovering that VoIP not only delivers cheaper connections, but that it opens up global communications in a way that can revolutionise the reach of a
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Whether or not you are a fan, the social network site Facebook has become far more than a platform for posting photos of your pets or fancy coffees on the web. Facebook now gives people a sophisticated real-time way in which to stay in touch with their friends while they