sip trunking facts
If you have spent any time looking at telecoms options in the recent past, then you will almost certainly have come across the concept of SIP trunking. What SIP trunking does is to replace the old ISDN line you used to need to connect your PABX to the telephone network.
sip trunking
For an SMB, especially in its early stages, VoIP is an easy decision. Why would a business founded in this decade take on the cost and complexity of a PSTN system? VoIP is ideally suited to a young, growing company that needs flexible, low cost, high quality communications. It’s not
On traditional PSTN telephone networks, businesses would purchase bundles of lines, known as trunks, from their service provider in order to give them access to the phone network. The concept of trunking has stuck even as we move towards VoIP systems, and effectively SIP trunking does the same job, providing
sip trunking
More and more companies are switching their telecoms over to IP-based systems. This often requires the use of SIP trunking in order to connect to the telephone network. But what is SIP trunking and how does it help your business? SIP, short for Session Initiation Protocol, is the technology used