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As more and more aspects of our business lives become dominated by the cloud and technology – from computer systems to voice calling – it undoubtedly adds to convenience. However, it also means that in the event of something going wrong, we have far more to lose. That adds focus
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Both consumers and businesses are recognising the many benefits that VoIP technology brings compared to traditional communications systems. Here are seven such advantages that should convince almost anyone to switch to VoIP. 1. Cost savings One of the primary drivers behind businesses switching to using VoIP is that it can
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As demand for VoIP services continues to grow, it is essential that scaling doesn’t compromise quality and efficiency. Not only does the wholesaler need to balance quantity with quality, but they also need to ensure retention of current clients and the securing of new business by building a positive brand
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Moving to VoIP can offer businesses many benefits. But there are risks too, as with any internet-based technology it can be open to cyberattacks and you therefore need to take steps to safeguard your VoIP system from threats. VoIP wholesale carrier attacks There are four main types of attack to
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One concern many companies have about the big switch to VoIP telephones is the VoIP quality of the new phones. Some of us have heard stories about voice echo, time lags, dropped calls and general poor quality voice reproduction. However these stories are anecdotal. Some have persisted since the very