Telecoms CSI
Key to the operation of telecommunications networks is the carrier services infrastructure (CSI). The CSI used affects how the service works because they each have different protocols underlying them. This means some will have less bandwidth available than others and some will support fewer services. CSIs are akin to a
Wholesale VoIP
Many smarter businesses are recognizing the benefits that VoIP technology brings and the advantages that a unified communications system can offer.
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With the burgeoning demand for VoIP services, wholesalers, carriers, resellers and financiers alike are re-shaping the value chain. Financing wholesale VoIP termination The capital-intensive nature of telecoms has historically attracted major lenders willing to take a longer-term view. However, with many smaller entrants in the VoIP market, in particular in
wholesale voip termination
The dominant technology in voice telephony is still PSTN, but not for long. Some businesses have delayed the transition to VoIP, thinking that PSTN will continue to be supported for years to come. Now that VoIP has features such as emergency dialling, which was previously only supported by PSTN networks,
wholesale voip termination
VoIP is becoming the major communication platform of choice for organisations around the world. With the rate of advancement of technology, we are used to hearing new buzzwords or seeing fashionable strategies emerge and sweep through the business community as everyone is eager to implement them. However, some of these