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Perhaps inevitably, as the market penetration of VoIP continues at an exponential rate, competitive pressure is mounting in what is an increasingly complex space. The selection of the most appropriate voice termination partner is a mission-critical decision for carriers which will affect organisational success in both the short and longer
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Since its introduction in 1995, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) has become ever more popular among businesses and individuals, due in no small part to wholesale VoIP termination costs and extra flexibility. Key weakness VoIP has historically had one significant weakness compared with traditional PSTN lines: it is dependent on
Wholesale VoIP enables users to access unlimited communications via the internet and has become essential for many businesses, particularly those operating internationally or in multiple geographies. It is now rapidly gaining popularity in firms in all sectors and also with individual users. There are many benefits of using wholesale VoIP
Change is an integral part of doing business, and a business that never changed would be extremely unusual. As a business evolves, its communications need to evolve with it, and a VoIP system is uniquely geared to grow with your business, scaling up easily when required, and adding new features
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VoIP technology is increasingly popular among business users. It is also, of course, gradually replacing older technology across the entire network, as PSTN and ISDN are set to be phased out entirely by 2025. If you are to take full advantage of what it offers, however, you will need to