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VoIP is an evolving technology which is ever increasing in popularity, and yet few know of its earlier humble beginnings. Here are 12 facts to shed some light on this revolutionary technology and dispel some of the myths that have dogged its otherwise positive reputation. It dates back over 20
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Businesses are rapidly discovering the advantages of VoIP in simplifying communications and increasing productivity. Not so long ago, telephony was conducted on analogue systems. Since VoIP became widely available, a communications revolution has taken place. It is only a few years since the Harvard Business Review and Networld World predicted
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International VoIP Wholesale Provider – The Death of PSTN Telephony in the UK is the middle of a quiet but potent revolution as we herald the death of PSTN and the rise of the VoIP wholesale provider. The traditional analogue and PSTN networks with their fixed copper wiring are on
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As a hosted VoIP provider, a business will put in a significant amount of work trying to gain new customers. Many avenues will usually be explored to deliver fresh leads in the hope they will eventually convert into customers. But with many reports of customers feeling dissatisfied with their provider,
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The simple answer is mobile. In a recent survey, 75 percent of business owners who upgraded their phone systems did so to enable better mobile usage. 29 percent said they needed a more efficient way to forward calls to mobiles. 25 percent wanted voicemail that was easy to access away