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With businesses especially reaping financial and technical rewards from VoIP technology, carriers are increasingly in demand. Here’s a quick look at their role in the VoIP world. The requirements of VoIP While there are home users, the predominant market is among businesses. To utilise VoIP, a few basics are needed
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two commonly heard phrases in today’s world, especially in the business arena. We are told that this new technology has the potential to transform numerous industries across the globe. So what exactly is it? And how might it change communications? Artificial intelligence (AI) is
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In some ways, VoIP was a technology that arrived before the world was ready for it. VoIP services first appeared when many of us were still accessing the web via dial-up or on slow broadband connections, so the early use of the technology never really lived up to expectations. In
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For smaller businesses, every penny they spend is crucial, so it’s vital that they get the best value from the goods and services they buy. When it comes to business phone systems, adopting VoIP rather than a more traditional approach can not only deliver savings, but it can also offer
There numerous different players involved in the VoIP market and it can be hard to understand what they all do. There are resellers, service providers and carriers, for example, all of which fulfil slightly different roles. Let’s have a look at what a carrier is and what services it offers.