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There is little doubt that economics and functional benefit make VoIP a compelling proposition which is reflected in the adoption statistics. However, as ever more cyber security scandals and incidents of data hacking come to light, the need for encrypting VoIP communications is becoming more pressing. One statistic indicates that
VoIP is rapidly becoming the norm for business communications. However, as with any technology that relies on using the internet, it raises issues surrounding security. Running voice over your data network is not inherently less secure than any other internet application. However, there are still challenges in ensuring that it
voip vishing
VoIP offers incredibly robust, versatile and cost-effective communication, but it’s not impervious to online hackers and attacks. It pays to be mindful of the tactics scammers employ and the ways in which to protect yourself from VoIP vishing. VoIP vishing and scams As with any exchange over the Internet, VoIP
voip cyber attacks
Any system that relies on using computers and the internet is bound to raise concerns over the risk of it being subject to cyber attack. VoIP is no exception to this; indeed attacks on systems using the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) are happening with surprising regularity. IBM’s Security Intelligence Group
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The rapid adoption of IP based telephone systems is causing a stir in both the business and IT worlds. But it creates some challenges too, not least in terms of how to keep communication secure. VoIP, as with any new technology, comes with potential security risks. Because it uses existing