secure voip solutions
If your business was the victim of telecoms fraud, would you know? How would you know? How quickly? We read every week about Denial of Service attacks and the theft of personal data, but internet telephony attacks seem somehow less newsworthy. Do they also happen? Well, according to the Communications
secure voip systems
More and more businesses are switching their voice communications to VoIP, but this inevitably raises concerns surrounding security. The good news is that a properly installed and configured VoIP system is pretty secure, but it’s important to understand how to keep it that way and how VoIP compares to PSTN
voip cyberthreats
Like any system that relies on communication over the internet, VoIP is vulnerable to the threat of cyber attack. Many attacks against these systems make use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which is the most commonly used in the VoIP sphere. Whether you have already made the switch to
voip encryption
There is little doubt that economics and functional benefit make VoIP a compelling proposition which is reflected in the adoption statistics. However, as ever more cyber security scandals and incidents of data hacking come to light, the need for encrypting VoIP communications is becoming more pressing. One statistic indicates that