voip communications
You may have noticed that, on occasions, VoIP communications experiences some strange phenomena. Words get jumbled or sometimes part of a sentence will go completely AWOL. What you’ve experienced there is ‘jitter’ and it’s down to the fact that VoIP uses an internet connection rather than the PSTN system. Jitter
voip signalling
In the complex and competitive world of telecommunications, it’s not surprising that there is no all-embracing standard for signalling. In fact, there are two main standards: H.323 and SIP. They grew out of different roots and from different functional needs. While both standards have their champions, the reality is that
voip carrier services
 Making phone calls via the internet using VoIP is something we now tend to take for granted without necessarily thinking about what goes on beneath the surface. The underlying technology, however, is important and a basic understanding of it can help in deciding which system is right for you. Behind