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If you have decided to switch to using business VoIP services, then you have made a sensible choice. VoIP offers many more benefits compared to traditional PSTN systems, including cost savings, improved efficiency and greater productivity. But, when it comes to deciding who should provide your VoIP services, it is
VoIP is rapidly becoming the norm for business communications. However, as with any technology that relies on using the internet, it raises issues surrounding security. Running voice over your data network is not inherently less secure than any other internet application. However, there are still challenges in ensuring that it
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In today’s world of predominantly digital and online communications with business VoIP providers, the fax may seem old fashioned. But, although very few people now use faxes outside of work, quite a few industries still actually depend on it. This may be due to regulatory requirements, data security compliance, privacy
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If you are contemplating switching your telecommunications system from PSTN/ISDN to VoIP then you should be aware of the potential differences between providers. The following are key things to consider when choosing a provider for your organisation: Value Whilst the budget holders may say otherwise, and although important, price should
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Business VoIP providers – certification could end spoof calls The introduction of VoIP has many advantages for business. It offers lower call costs and improved scalability, plus the ability for staff to use the same company phone system wherever they are located. However, for business and personal phone users alike,