guide to sip trunking
A trunk line in a public switched telephone network connects the infrastructure of one carrier to that of another. Creating these connections enabled telephone networks to spread across the world, connecting any two people with a phone. The connected parties didn’t need to be registered with a single cumbersome central
choosing business voip providers
If you are contemplating switching your telecommunications system from PSTN/ISDN to VoIP then you should be aware of the potential differences between providers. The following are key things to consider when choosing a provider for your organisation: Value Whilst the budget holders may say otherwise, and although important, price should
Wholesale VoIP termination rates
VoIP technology is increasingly popular among business users. It is also, of course, gradually replacing older technology across the entire network, as PSTN and ISDN are set to be phased out entirely by 2025. If you are to take full advantage of what it offers, however, you will need to
VoIP wholesale provider
Businesses are rapidly discovering the advantages of VoIP in simplifying communications and increasing productivity. Not so long ago, telephony was conducted on analogue systems. Since VoIP became widely available, a communications revolution has taken place. It is only a few years since the Harvard Business Review and Networld World predicted
voip services
Telephony via VoIP offers a wide range of benefits to businesses, including flexibility and significant savings on international calls. But how can a business decide if it is making the right choice? Here are some of the characteristics to look for with VoIP services. Before you choose VoIP services Determining