Voip Solutions
VoIP is all the rage, but what exactly are the advantages for today’s businesses of opting for VoIP solutions? Cost savings Businesses switching to a VoIP system from a traditional PSTN system can expect to make savings of between 30% to 75%. These cost savings come from the following three
VoIP Fraud
VoIP is being recognised by the majority of businesses as the telephony solution of the future, delivering immense flexibility in application and geography, together with incredible cost savings. However the less honourable have also started to exploit the power of VoIP and use it fraudulently. Any organisation that is investing
Wholesale VoIP 2018
VoIP continues to grow in popularity as businesses everywhere realise the advantages that it brings. So what are the main drivers shaping the future of the wholesale telecom industry? Traditional voice services declining Revenues from these services are in decline and decreasing termination rates are impacting negatively on profits. Over-the-top
SIP trunking is the latest buzz phrase to hit the world of telecoms, but exactly what is it and what does it do? Basically, a SIP trunk makes a direct connection between your premises and the PSTN network, using internet technology. It’s a technology that’s being used as a replacement
SIP Trunking
Telecoms, like any other area of technology, is somewhat laden with jargon. If you’re looking at VoIP (Voice over IP) technology for your business call needs, you’ve doubtless come across the terms SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) or SIP trunking and PRI (Primary Rate Interface). But what do these Three Letter