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VoIP has been one of the fastest growing areas in voice communication for some time. With major service providers now switching their networks over to VoIP from the older PSTN standards, this growth shows no signs of slowing down just yet. Of course, VoIP has been around since the mid
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With the burgeoning demand for VoIP services, wholesalers, carriers, resellers and financiers alike are re-shaping the value chain. Financing wholesale VoIP termination The capital-intensive nature of telecoms has historically attracted major lenders willing to take a longer-term view. However, with many smaller entrants in the VoIP market, in particular in
voip services
Telephony via VoIP offers a wide range of benefits to businesses, including flexibility and significant savings on international calls. But how can a business decide if it is making the right choice? Here are some of the characteristics to look for with VoIP services. Before you choose VoIP services Determining
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Whether you are planning to upgrade from a traditional telephone system or simply changing providers for an existing VoIP service, switching your voice-call service can be difficult and full of potential risks to the productivity of your team. To avoid these problems it is crucial to be properly prepared. There