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Choosing a provider for Direct Inward Dialling (DID) is an important decision for any business. For an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), it is absolutely critical. The DID provider is fundamental to the business and can literally make the difference between profit and loss. Although cost is clearly a key
DID Number Providers
How valuable are your salespeople to the business? Companies know that salespeople are a key asset. Training them takes time and money and a high turnover rate can become a real issue. It makes sense to ensure that salespeople have the best possible tools to do their jobs effectively. The
DID Number Providers
In the early days of the telephone, the idea that you might be able to dial a number yourself was unthinkable. You called an operator and they connected you to the person you wanted to call, usually by physically plugging a wire into a socket. As the technology developed and
DID Number Providers
A Direct Inward Dial number or DID can be valuable to a business and its clientele, delivering a number of versatile features. With a few DIDs, a business can add local numbers, freephone or reduced call rate options for its client base. These additional numbers can be routed to extensions
What Are DID's
Direct Inward Dialling (DID) often also referred to as Direct Dial In (DDI) is a feature offered on both in-house PABX and cloud-based telephone systems. It allows incoming calls to be routed directly to an extension without having to go via an operator. This provides convenience for callers and simplifies