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Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), allowing you to make phone calls via an internet connection, is a service that first appeared before the world was really ready for it. The earliest consumer systems such as Skype came along when most of us were still reliant on dial-up connections to the
VoIP is now the standard form of voice communication for a vast number of organisations worldwide. This is because it brings with it numerous advantages over traditional telephony systems including lower set-up costs, reduced infrastructure and cheaper calls. Not only this, but VoIP will soon be replacing ISDN and the
Anyone with B2B experience knows that when accounts aren’t settled promptly, a business can quickly find itself handicapped, or worse. When your business involves multiple partners, operating in a rapidly fluctuating market, revenue liquidity can become a critical risk factor. Revenue flows in the VoIP market A VoIP connection often
There are a number of routes by which cybercriminals and hackers can disrupt VoIP communications. One of the most insidious is the man-in-the-middle attack. This is where a hacker secretly intercepts, relays and perhaps even alters the communication between two parties that think they are communicating directly with one another.
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Whether we like it or not, automation is regarded as an inevitable way to reduce costs and is advancing in all sectors. Even governments are jumping on board. For example, an element in the roll-out of “universal credit” is an attempt to shift the whole process online, including applications, tax