VoIP handsets
With the inexorable rise in the popularity of VoIP communication solutions and the impending demise of the PSTN, many businesses are now considering a unified communications strategy with VoIP as a key element. So what handset equipment is involved? Adapt or Replace? A significant percentage of modern phone handsets now
DID Origination Provider
In today’s hugely competitive telecoms world, choosing a provider is far from easy. You might think that selection is all about price, but this is no longer the case. VoIP telecoms is a commoditised market, with wholesale providers especially able to offer very competitive rates. Selecting a provider is about
History of VOIP
What is Direct Inward Dialing (DID)? Direct Inward Dialing is a technology developed to provide a block of telephone numbers for a company’s PBX (private branch exchange). Those numbers are available for distribution to a host of different individuals or departments without each needing a separate incoming phone line. In
What is a softswitch and why is it important? Making a phone call is something we do pretty much without thinking about it. You lift the receiver, dial, and the call is connected. But let’s pause for a second to consider what happens behind the scenes. In the past, the
Local versus toll-free numbers – why local is better Small details have a major effect on first impressions. For a business, that can mean the difference between life and death. A business has a very brief window of opportunity to catch a client’s attention and portray itself in the best