Future of VoIP
Artificial intelligence (AI) is having an impact in a wide variety of different fields at the moment. VoIP is no exception to this and there are a number of ways in which AI can be used to automate processes that will make a significant difference to the way voice communication
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Despite its meteoric growth in popularity over the past few years, VoIP has actually been around for quite a while. Indeed, it is arguably the 20th anniversary of VoIP technologies going mainstream. VoIP continues to grow in popularity, as traditional telephony systems are discontinued or no longer supported by the
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One of the many attractions of using a VoIP solution is the substantial cost reductions it can deliver on communications, particularly for businesses. Commercial enterprises can benefit from significant savings in the costs of telephony, particularly if the business is trading internationally. There are many other perks that come with
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In considering switching your business from traditional PSTN telephone systems to VoIP-based technology, you won’t go very far before you encounter SIP trunking. But what exactly is it and what does it do? In simple terms what SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking does is to connect your premises to the
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As reported recently [1], Trevor Pye, a 68-year-old man, was called by BT. Apparently, his internet had been compromised and they needed to access his computer. Soon afterwards, £15,000 was stolen from his personal bank account. A scam? Yes of course. Interested? Not really. Now, what if it was your